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I am writing a story called A Day In My Life. I want a banner for my sstory and I would love to see what some of you guys can come up with! So please submit any ideas you have I would love to see them =)


Title: A Day In My Life

Quote: My's changing. For better or worse.

Author: Tiffany Blankenship

Theme: dark, eery, depressing, etc.

Pictures: Use any that you think will fit the theme, be creative.


If you want to read it so you can get a better feel for the story, here is the link:

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what does drew look like?


i hope i got the looks and the general idea pretty close

You did get the looks close and i love it thnk you =)
your welcome =) i love the story btw =)
aw thnks =) im glad ppl like it, i wasnt sure anyone would. im posting the next chapter soon


lol but rlly thnks for the banner i love it. if anyone else joins and theirs is anywhere close to urs this is going to be a hard competition
aw thanks =) could you message me whenever you update though? i tend to forget to check the blogs lol
lol of course i will =)
also how did you do tht to avrils hair? idk how....


for avrils hair i went to and they have an effect called highlights. idk if you have to pay for it, because only certain effects are free


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