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I hosted a comp back in The Banner group for a story of mine, and unfortunately, my co-writer is leaving TTS. I cant get her to reply back to me, so I picked the winners myself, and will hopefully be continuing the story on my own. But a comp is still a comp and the winner deserve to be annouced.

I remember winning my first comp, Annie had made a winners banner similar to this one, I felt SO honored and happy to be on that banner, so I thought I ought to make one similar.

Congrats to Luna and Christine! I cant tell you guys how much I love the banners you made for me! =D

Thank you Peace Chick and Katiez SO much for the gorgeous banners you two made for me!

I would also like to thank Annie for saving the banners for me!

(I honestly dont know what I would have done with you Annie! :3)


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Yay! And I reLly do feel honored, truly though Im not sure if I would have been able to pick any winners, cause all the banners submitted were amazing :). Thanks Claire!
:3 no problem Christine! I liked that you used different pictures than what I gave, and I like how you separated Darren Criss and Elizabeth Gillies from Ariana Grande. And I'm kind of a sucker for black and white stuff. XD But you deserved it! Thank you for entering your banner! =D

Congrats to Luna & Christine for winning and to Peace Chick and Katiez for participating! 


Claire De Lune... I feel honored. Thank you! 

Ahhh i won?!!?


But mine was so terrible! 


But Yay thank you! It means a lot!

i knew mine wouldnt win, im awful at making banners lol but congrats to luna nightfall and not just an emotion!
No, Courtney, your banners aren't awful! Don't ever think so! They are great and I LOVED the one you made for me!!!

Luna your banner was absolutely NOT terrible!!! Its amazing! And I still don't believe that's the first banner you've made!

You both did AWESOME!
aw Thanks claire lol
Congrats guys


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