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Welcome to the new Admin Corner!

Even though we've lost a bunch of admin, there are still three of us here!

Keeping Annie's morals of 'transparency is good!', we open the new admin corner.

Most discussions of the administrators will be held here for the whole group to see and comment on.

Want to tell an administrator something privately?

Message Claire, Juliee, or Nikki.

Want to help the group? Below are some discussions where your help is wanted! We need you to keep this group going. You as the members make TGBT what it is!

Help Us!

Welcoming New Faces

Introduce Yourself

Admin Helpers

Classic Admin Corner

Competition Ideas

more to be added

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Since we hope to see some new faces,

I think it would be good to have us admin re-introduce ourselves.

This way anyone can hopefully feel comfortable at least talking to one of us.

Heya Everyone!

I'm Nikki ^-^.

I began designing graphics roughly 2 1/2 years ago.

I am the host of GMPG (Graphic Mentors Pupils Guild), so if you have any questions regarding that club, don't hesitate to message me!

I am MUCH more active during the summer months, considering I am a proud honor student and a soon-to-be published author!!

New around here? I know the feeling! I am going to let you guys know now, EVERYONE here is really nice!! But I think I'm a good person to start with ^____^

I hope to be everyone's friend :3


Ello Everyone

Allow Me to Introduce Myself I'm Juliee. 

I Started Making Graphics about Six years ago give or take a year. 

Sounds like a really long to time but tell you the truth I didn't start to get good till I joined this group about two Years back and started learning from other Designers Here Especially in GMPG, Graphic Mentors Pupils Guild. 

I do my best to stay active on the site all year round and manage it pretty well because I don't have many classes. I mostly take care of things like the monthly layout contest on the group. 

If Your new on the group I Suggest to get started by Introducing yourself to everyone on the discussion "Introduce yourself" most of our members will be right there to welcome you, myself included. If you don't want to do that you can just Introduce yourself to someone personally on the group everyone here for the most part is welcoming. 

~Juliee .

Hello everyone!

My name is Claire! 

I have been working with photo editing and graphics for roughly five years, however I did not really really get into it until I met other graphic makers like several on this site and others. GMPG and just simply messaging with other members has really helped me to improve and become the graphic maker I am today.

I try to stay active as much as possible, during the summer months I think I probably become little too active but during the school year I do my best to get online during the weekends, week days can sometimes be very impossible.

I hope everyone finds this site fun and welcoming!

If you're a new member I encourage you to create your own gallery and just get started! 

If anyone ever needs anything feel free to send me a message!


Hi Everyone!

Claire and I have talked this over, and I mentioned it briefly in the old admin corner.

It's about recruiting new members.

The true purpose of the Welcoming New Faces discussion is to clean up the group so that we can start recruiting members to join for the summer.

I think we're about halfway there (cleaned up)

So, I'd appreciate it if we could all go on our other sites and advertise.

Don't approach it like 'a twilight fansite'.

It is so much more than that.

I'd explain it as a graphic making community welcoming people of all artistic levels.

And then maybe explain GMPG.

I miss the activity around here.

It's like the group is going through a depression.

Hopefully this works!

For more details, comment your questions!


WAHH. I can't believe I didn't see that you posted this Nikki! So sorry!

I already started by sending out messages to a few of our very active members, sending out several notes on DeviantArt, sending a message out on FWAR, and leaving several asks in people's asks on Tumblr. =D

So far, I've only have a few people reply back, but hopefully we'll get a few new members to help make this group active and running again! =D

Agh, I'm so glad Claire!

Thank you SOO much!!

You're so welcome! I really hope people start to show up soon! =D

I have advertising and recruiting people all day on wattpad. Have you seen their graphic group it is a madhouse of activity! I'm doing my best to steal a little bit of it for us ;)

Yay Juliee! Keep at it =)

I will Nikki :D

Hey Everyone!

I just send out a message seeking new people to sign up for GMPG and to join TGBT, hoping they'll join the group!:)

I got a message on FWAR about TGBT but it seems that everyone who got it just deleted it without reading it or maybe it got send to their spam folder since messages from the sites they joined usually get sent to spam and no one bothers to check their spam folder.

I'm going to send out a few notes on dA and other places on the net that I am a member, hopefully we'll see some new members! :)


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