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Issue 5:  Admin rights and responsibilities 

How often do admin have a duty to look in on the group? Currently, there is no requirement that admin maintain a visible presence in the group. All admin are volunteers who have school and work and real life. Admin should try to keep each other informed regarding their general online availability. That information will be posted here. 


What are the admin duties and how are they shared? Primarily, admin exist to help insure that the group is an open, inviting place for fans. At least one admin should welcome new members. Everyone should immediately report spam and malicious links using the 'Report an Issue' button. Admin should all be involved in the chore of making sure that all active pages are current, appealing and functioning. If admin choose to participate in contests, either as hosts or participants, they should do so in a fair and impartial manner.


How should admin document administrative activities, including the deletion of discussions or suspension of members. Mod Genn should be informed of significant administrative actions. Page updates be noted in the appropriate place. 


How are admin selected? Members who want to hold an administrative position should post their interest here and contact Mod Genn, the group creator. Mod Genn, is the only person who can approve an admin. There are currently no administrative positions open. 


Under what circumstances should an admin be removed? Admin are subject to following the rules as set forth by TTS. Any admin lose administrative privileges and can be suspended. Suspension, reinstatement and removal of an admin is a private matter between that admin and Mod Genn. Admin will be removed when they announce that they no longer want the responsibility. Admin who delete their TTS account automatically lose administrative privileges. Mod Genn will approve reinstatement of returning admin on a case by case basis. 



Issue 6: 

What kind of discussions (galleries, contests, etc) will members open? All discussions and pages must follow ToS, the site rules and guidelines. Members are not required to participate in any discussion, create discussions, vote or participate in other activities created by members and/or admin of TGBT. Members may form sub-groups or clubs as long as they do not disrupt the general group. Members may not be pressured into joining sub-groups nor can any member be excluded from sub-groups. 


How many competitions or challenges can a member run at a time? Per the majority of voting members, a member can only host two comps or challenges at a time. This includes comps and challenges created in sub-groups. 


What kind of support can people who host challenges, contests and competitions expect? Admin post links to contest and challenges where they are easily accessed by members and visitors. Links will be displayed for two weeks after the end of the contest. After that time, links will be available in the group archive, subject to the site rules.


How long will inactive discussions appear? The new rules say that anything that has been inactive for more than 3 weeks may be deleted. 


Issue 7:

In keeping with new guidelines and site rules, how do we keep our group Twilight-themed? The group layout design and icons will be Twilight related.  Encourage Twilight-themed contests. 


Issue 8: Rate My Graphic

In the past, rating visual artists and art work has resulted in problems and complaints. Any member or artist can request review or critique from a fellow member. This is better done privately. People who post their work in discussions for the purpose of receiving a rating from any and everyone, do so at their own risk. The comments of raters who use such discussions to personally attack others, will be deleted.

Issue 9: Member Participation

All organized activities should allow and promote free and fair participation from all members. Artists can not be forced to participate in any activity. Activities that promote the idea that some artists are better than others, including attempts to segregate artists and regulate interaction between banner makers and writers, should not be encouraged.   


Notable quotes to ponder:

Democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms

that have been tried from time to time.


(now how about a Twilight-themed

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.

Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!


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Replies to This Discussion

Hi, guys. It's that one inactive admin.
I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I've been extremely busy, and I'm not sure how to balance it all and include coming here, though I do silently watch from afar!
I've missed you all, and I can't wait to talk to you all soon. xx
If you ever need to contact me, I always have my FB page and webbie. Just shoot me a comment on here so we can get started!


I'm glad to see almost everyone back!

GMPG was supposed to end quite a while ago!

I just haven't quite gotten to opening the official discussion.

I can go ahead and do that now if you'd like =)

The end of year competition sounds wonderful!

Can't wait!

Don't forget about newsletter guys, I sent a message for the people who wanted to get involved a week or two ago!


Hey Guys I think it's about time for another featured Comp I was going to start a Winter/Holiday Comp anyways I could have a prize be a feature and we don't have to take down the one up right now I was thinking that we could have more features up without stretching out the front page if we use a scroll box what do you think?

What a great idea Juliee!!!

Awe thank you Claire!


I've got a few suggestions and concerns I'd like to discuss if you guys don't mind!

1. I was thinking about a few things and I think it might time to clean up the front page a bit.

There are several "special orders" and such that have been up since this group began and I think it may time to take them down?

Let me know what you think!

2. For current comps and challenges, are we no longer listing them on the front page or are they supposed to go directly into the Competition Directory now?

3. What do you guys think about a featured graphic weekly, or every two weeks?

I know right now we have comp winners up, but it's becoming more and more difficult to make comps that are directly or indirectly about Twilight.

What if we had a featured graphic instead of comps winners?

If you guys think that there needs to be a criteria for the featured graphic (such as it should be related to Twilight or something) there can be.

4. I was also wondering if maybe you guys wanted to start that old gif chat thing back up!

I think this time there would need to be better rule enforcement, that's the only reason I stopped doing it before is that people were reusing gifs, not following the text rule, and I think this time there should be a rule about saving gifs without asking and such.

But that's all for now!

Let me know what you guys think!

-Claire <3

Hey Everyone!

Everyone is sort of what I wanted to talk about.

It feels like after Breaking Dawn Part 2 came out on DVD, there has been severe inactivity here.

And its really sad.

So, I was talking to Claire.

We were saying it might be a good idea for the little bunch of us who are left to start recruiting people we know to join TTS.

And we agreed that, don't approach it as a 'Twilight Fansite', because #1, that sort of turns certain people off, and #2, TGBT and TTS in general are much more than that, and Twilight really just is what brought us all together.

Hopefully we'll be seeing some new faces, and maybe some old ones once summer comes around.

Individual messages will go out to individuals who Claire and I KNOW are active, and may be able to help us recruit.

I love all of you, and can't wait to see this group become so much larger.



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