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That's right, the admin need help from you guys, the whole rest of the group!

This is a discussion that is sorta like a "Suggestion Box" for you guys.

We need some ideas to make the group more fun, organized, and just better in general.

We will take ALL ideas into consideration, and DON'T BE AFRAID TO POST!

Juliee, Claire, and I may post some issues, and YOU can respond to how YOU would fix them!

This is meant as an awesome discussion where you need not be afraid to speak up!


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Hey Everyone!

I recently updated the competition directory, and I noticed we don't have as many active comps as we had last year.

With my comps, the problem has been the voting.

So maybe some challenges would be better?

Or is it better that we have one big comp for every two weeks or something, and everyone who enters has to vote?

Idk, that's why I'm asking you guys how to solve the "Competition Predicament"


A bit of both, competitions and challenges would be great and also Just For Fun competitions!

Well, I think that voting is a relative problem for a lot of comps.

What if we started up your voting booth thing that you had going for comps a while ago Nikki?

That was a great way to get comps voted for!

I really like Just For Fun competitions!

And free ones.. I think that we should do more free ones and then rather than vote on subject vote on technique (e.i. best color, texture, stocks, composition, etc.) or something.

Ooh, the Doctor!

Anyway, the voting booth would be a good idea to start up again.

We could have a layout voting booth and a general voting booth for organization.

Just for Fun and Free Comps are awesome. You can really express yourself in them =)


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