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Hello everyone and welcome to my discussion! Here I will be posting all of my work, and I hope that all of you will love it as much as I do! Being an admin, you can ask me any questions that you wish. Go ahead at any time, I would love to answer them! If you would like to just chat, feel free to leave me a comment on my profile or here on my discussion! Thank you all, and have a star-filled day!


 Please feel free to send me an order at any time. Since it takes time in order to achieve the best work possible, my only request is that you are patient with me!


Main Text: (Title if story banner, the name on the banner if icon)

Sub-Text: (optional)

Color Scheme:

Extra Info: (plot of story, ect)

Author: (optional, stories only)

Pictures: (Supply pictures if you wish. Please remember that all pictures may not be included since it does take awhile to try to place things and such. I may also find pictures to put in it, too. But trust me, you'll love the result! You have to trust me when I make your banner, since I'm the artist and know what will exactly make it perfect!)


If you want me to recolor a picture, just post the picture, and tell me what color you need changed. Thanks!


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Hia love, yes, I love the Gifts one.


Now, seeing as manips are much more simpler than a banner, I'll make an easy, easy form.



Honestly, I don't care what pictures you use but I need one of Isabelle Fuhrman, the creepy kid from Orphan, anddddd Joel Courtney, Joe Lamb from Super 8. But, if you need, I can supply pictures. :3



So the form:


=pictures: any of Isabelle Fuhrman and Joel Courtney.

Hey, I've just got a quick question. I'm a little creeper (Not really) and I like to look at other people's shops to sort of see what they're doing, maybe get a few ideas.
I really like your banners, but how you you get the transparency (that's the right word, right? I'm really tired.) On them like the ones up at the top?

Hello, and thanks! 

Firstly, what kind of program do you use? If GIMP, then this is how you do it:


  1. Open up the program, and then make the new project.
  2. Look at your layers, and there should be the background layer. Right click that layer, and then click "Add Alpha Channel".
  3. After you have added the alpha channel, follow this: Colors>Color To Alpha>Ok

Now you have a transparent background! Add in layers after that, and bucketfill them to have the part you want colored, and use your eraser to erase what you don't want (or what you want to be transparent)


I hope that helped, hun! :D

Alright, thanks so much!

can you make me a vanner, we are going to be a big paranormal group, might even get our own tv show, we have seen your work and would love for you to make us a banner....

Title~ Paranormal Journeys

Quote~ Can you stand the FEAR?

 please put our names in it

the three pics that have to be in it..

1st Pictures name Mickenzie Holt

2nd pictures name Haley Fennewald

3rd Pictures Name Erica Reynolds




we really want a scary background....


oh and could you email me at when it is finished, thanks...

                        Lead investigator, Mickenzie Holt

Wow....I envy you.  I'm a paranormal investigator as well.  On my team's first investigation, we captured a Class A EVP, objects moving, and a picture of a human shaped entity, as well as many orbs.......then my team got scared and ditched me after that, so I'm on my own.  :|
well thats awesome, we love to hear from our fellow paranormal investigators.. if you would like to get and know us, like our page on facebook...!/pages/Paranormal-Journeys/16619...
So sorry that this is taking so long! I haven't been able to get onto TTS for awhile... Anyways, I am working on this right now!! :3

I hope that this is okay. So sorry for taking so long! I haven't done graphics in awhile. :3



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