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Halloween is almost here and who doesn't love a good scare, trick or treating or whatever you find fun or scary to do on Halloween?

How about making a few Halloween graphics?

Well, I challenge you to do just that! =)

This an ANONYMOUS CHALLENGE so PM your entries to me (Rachel) and I'll post them and you may guess as to who made which graphic! :)

DO NOT post your entries in your banner shop or gallery, if this is done your entry will be disqualified from the challenge!!


Make a Halloween graphic of

A. Your favourite scary movie

B. Your favourite scary Halloween villain

C. Your favourite monster, mythical creature, legend...

D. What/who your costume will be this Halloween


1.One entry per topic.

2.The graphic entered must be new.

3.When entering the graphic, you must put what topic it is for in your PM to me.

4. Follow all TTS and TGBT rules.

5. Have fun!!

Challenge is open until October 28, voting will take place immediately with further details!

Any questions just ask me!

Good Luck everyone! :)

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Replies to This Discussion

Option A

Awesome, I love the crack effect!!


Its Chucky!! :)

I knew it was Chucky!!! I told my mom that. My little brother got scared xD

Same here.

So pretty!


Option D

This entry was cut off, so its being reposted.

Option D



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