The Twilight Saga

Well, if you couldnn't already guess, this is my gallery :)

Take a look around and feel free to critise anything. It will help in the long run with my banners and such.

I'm sorry if there is some spam stuff on here.... I love my bands <3


~Ashlyn (Ashlii)<3

P.s. If you like anything you see, drop by my shop.

Here's the link:

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I hope this turned out right. cross finger.!

Click for full size

Credit to Claire (I believe that's who it was...), for the  rose&flame texture and book photography.!

I made this for a Role Play I made. It's called, Let The Games Begin.

Click for full size<3

Photo's used for manipulation:


Base photo-


Other photo-



Final product- (I'm not really sure how this turned out, it was my first try)-

you make lovely graphics :)

Thanks yew :3

Photo coloring-


Original Photo:



Edited Photo's:

The first three are suppose to be vampires, so let me knkow what  you think of that.

Also, The last one is just suppose to be a normal human.

I just need to work on the skin tone.



Gallery Header :)

Finally finished :D

-Images used-


The Girl

Clock Face


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