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Im sorry its not a comp but i need about 1 banner and 12 profile pics/pop outs :/ I knwo its alot I just need them for my story series, take your time and i would like loads of artists, choose which ever ones you want as many as possible :) thank you

i knwo its alot im sorry but i dont have the time to do them!!! take your time guys!

Im gonna wait until i finish the first story in the series to ask for the 2nd one :)


the starting line by Pixie, from the series the impossible

quote- "is it real?"


 Her name is Jade, She is 12

 Forest, 16 bright blue eyes pls

and a picture of a cliff please thanks :)


now i need 12 popout decent size profile pics :)

decorate the how you wish!

Jade- Pictured above, she's a 'average' girl, on holiday


Forest- pictured above, 16, bright blue eyes, very mysterious!


Daisy- 13, shes a popular girl very big headed.


Aphrodities- 14, shes unique, very pretty but doesnt show it, shes very 'away with the fairies'

Tyler, 15, unpopular, doesnt care, shes one of the sorta people whos clever, shy and nerdy

Abi, 16, poular i her cliche, very outgoing, doesnt care what people thinks, very colourful!

Florence, 17 Ok i hate to say this but shes like ... Bella :( very awkward and stuttery and shy.


Broxa, silver eyes, spirit nimph (add wings if possible) (so pirit as in gohsts)

Lysander, blue eyes, water nimph (add wings is poss)

Pandora, green eyes, seasonal nimp (add wings if poss)

Penelope, Pink eyes, Nature nimph (add wings if poss)

Tavara, orange eyes, fire nimph (add wings if poss)


I thank you so much, once you say you'll do a banner or if you do one, i will tick it so people know what has been done, you can DEFINATLY repeat the one already done, it's just so i know which ones are needed :)

Thank you

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3 i love you all.

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here's Tavara, your fire nymph...

wow thats amazing :)'s colorful... lol... and those are supposed to be fiery wings
Is the one supposed to be 'Aphrodite' as in the goddess of love or 'Aphrodities' as in a variation on the name?
a varisation i like it with ties :) hehe ^-^
I have no idea what a seasonal nymph is, what kind of wings should I give her?
like does the seasons :P autumn stuff i was thinking green :) always the same colour as there eyes.

Still working, but

Is your challenge still open? like I'm moving this to banner orders for you.


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