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This is a compitition for people who like to make banners... I'm not good at making them so I'm asking you.... It will be a banner for my story that will appear on this year (hopefully) and eventually on The Twilight

Name of the story: Girl Meets World

Couple: Jacob and Bella

Pictures: you can use pictures that you like....

Possible quote: And just when you thought it was normal...


This competition ends on 31th of July. I hope that some will enter. Good luck...

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Thank you!!! It's beautiful and great... I like the pics that you have chosen for this banner... 10000 times thank you...
Awh, no problem :] I'm really happy you like it.
yummy! sweet and touchy like!
Its Beautiful :) Amazing job.

i have two entries i hope thats okay. if youre only allowed one ill enter banner 2

banner 1


banner 2


sorry they arent that great :)

They are very good... I love the font that you used and the pics for the first one and the second... It's okay that you entered two banners... I love the banners... Good job, writer4life :D
thanks =D
wow! they are that great... don't put your work down... besides what could you put taylor on that wouldn't look good...ya know what I mean??

being on team edward, i can thing of a few things...jk hes not bad looking. i personally just prefer vampires lol

If this sounds rude: sorry, but if Jacob was a vampire, then you could like him?
not rude at all, and possibly. i just like vampires, and alsoo i just think edward treats bella better. i know he left, but he thought it was for her own good. anyway, its not really edwards looks i like (though its a plus) so much just as his behavior and love for bellla, ya know?


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