The Twilight Saga

Hey, I was wondering if someone could help me out! 

I was wondering if some of you wonderful Banner makers would mind making me a few Couple Banners. 

You Can Do W/e You Want with them, put a water mark and anything. 


Couples (You can make one big banner of all of them or separate and you don't have to make them all) 

1.  Toby and Spencer (Pretty Little Liars)

2. Elena and Damon (Vampire Diaries)

3. Chloe And Alek (The Nine Lives Of Chloe King) 

4. Harry And Hermione (Harry Potter) 


You can enter as many times as you want


Ends: October 7, 2011


Most Creative





Most Eye Catching











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i will try (//_^)

OKeii here are my first three. Im taking a small break from making banners (like five minutes, maybe ten lol) and then i will work on the last one (//_^)


Harry and Herminoe~

Harry and Herminoe for Olivia


Toby and Spencer~

Toby and Spencer for Olivia


Chloe and Alek~

Chloe and Alek for Olivia

Wow there all really great! 

Really like the Chloe/Alek one <3 

Thanks! Glad you like them (//_^)

i wanna do them all! ;)

Any quotes youd like

Did not think of that

No, if you want to but one sure :) 

But you don't have to 

okay!olivia! ill get started now :)

Elena and Damon~

Elena and Damon for Olivia

WOW this is beautiful! 

thnkies Olivia (//_^)
:) Thank you so much ♥XxѲиℓʏ_SaraxX♡
This is my first banner. I love Chaleck!


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