The Twilight Saga

Well....I am in desperate need of a banner! If I don't get one soon, I might die. (Nah! xD)

Here's the form:

Text: Panda Hero

Subtext(Perhaps a bit blended in the background please?): Pa-Pa-Pa-La


And for those of you who are wondering what the heck Panda Hero is, it's a song written by Hachi (japanese person) and it's EXTREMELY addicting for me. xD

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I"ll try :)




I'll have to listent to the song.!



Yay! :D

Oh my god YES! It's addicting!

Pa-pa-pa-la pa-pa-pa-la-pah! xD

YAY! Panda Hero!

Yay! Have you seen it, Andra? o.O

I thought everyone's seen it... 

Mwahahahahaha! You have seen it! :D
It's my favorite song...and I will be cosplaying as the pink one!

Anyone? ^.^

I'll make one for you.

Thank you! :D

I was bored and was all MEGH everyones making Misuto one why don't I help out to? O.O I love it!
Thank you Hunter! ^.^



(I've only had GIMP for a few days, so I'm not great at it yet. >.< Hope it's okeii.!!!)




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