The Twilight Saga


This Competition is just for fun!

No more than 3 submissions though!

Use any pictures, textures, etc. that you want!

Be creative and have fun with it!



I would love to see your guys submissions! So please join!




Competiton Ends August 20th!







And if anyone would be kind enough to check out my banner shop i would apperciate it =)





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Please join someone =)
omg! i love tht movie...and book! haha STEVE is AMAZING! and i love ur banner its AMAZING too!
LoL i say any girl would marry Steve! he is awsome!
no not yet i just started readin the series im only on like boook 2 but they are awsome so far
its okeii, ill prolly forget by the time iget to tht part xD hah
lol yeah i think imma be obssesed toox
aw well shoot lol i'll find later =)
Lol okeii
lol i owuld be too
lol thnks xD
LoL that okeii i'll take Alex Evans xD
lol uk hes going by beirsack now right? it was this whole big deal lol


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