The Twilight Saga

From the title you can guess what the competition is about.

If not here it goes, make a black and white graphic with just a splash of only one other colour somewhere in the graphic! 

Coloured text doesn't count as the splash of colour.


Please add a quote.

Please follow all TTS and TGBT rules.

Three entries maximum. 

Competition ends 2/11.

Have fun! 

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Courtney, I'm seeing about five colours where it should just be only one so this entry doesn't count but you can still have three entries entered in the competition! :)

oh, boo, okay:/ I honestly didn't even notice, I thought his name was the only color:/ I'll work on that c:

Haha! Okay! :)

This is so pretty Claire!

Thank you! Rachel!!!

I think I've told you Claire but this is gorgeous!

Teehee, thank you! =D

Didn't realize it was kind of hard to read the quote. To anyone who's wondering, it says I'll be drunk again... from Ed Sheeran's song Drunk.

Lovely Kara!

Great design Kara ♥

Uhm...Courtney as stated above coloured text doesn't count as the splash of colour. Sorry :(


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