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Blending/Textures By Zanica(Gimp)

Ok these are the pictures I will be using(you can use your own if you like)

1. Photobucket

2. Photobucket

3. Photobucket

4. Photobucket

Step 1: Ok the first things you want to do is copy and paste all photos onto your clipboard. All the pictures are not the same size to get them all the same size just go to your toolbox and and click the scale tool. When the little box comes up type in the size (ex. 1600x1200, 500x600 etc).

Step 2: Ok now go over to the back over to your clipboard, I usually start from the top but you can start from the bottom. And just play with the layer modes and the opacity levels until you come up with something you like.

top layer: blue rose layer mode is, Overlay, and the opacity level is, 72.9
second layer: stuckinplace layer mode is, Soft Light, and the opacity level is, 78.5
third layer: sunrise layer mode is, Normal, and the opacity level is 84.1
bottom layer: Italy layer mode is, Normal, and the opacity level is 100.0

Step 3: Now what you want to do is either flatten the images or just merge down.

Ok now technically your done but if you want to add more continue to Step 4!

Step 4: Go over to your clipboard and duplicate you texture.

Step 5: Go to gradients pick witch one you like (I chose Nauseating Headache).

Step 6: Go to colors>map>Gradient Map

Step 7: Once again play with layer modes and opacity levels
I chose Normal and my opacity level is 29.9

Step 8: Merge down and save as .jpg…
That’s a not so simple texture. Name your textures and post finished products!

If you need me to explain anything extra just ask me!

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This is what I came up with ^-^ Really Random lol I think your's is better :P


Reality vs Fantasy

This is a really good try.
interesting pics


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