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So, I have begun to write a story that I'm really liking, and hopefuly it will be one that I will continue to write and actually finish.

I'm going to post it on Wattpad, but I need a book cover first. Please, I like simple book covers with an interesting font--one that attracts attention, but not too much.

I suck at summaries, but basically it's about a war, and how one relies on friendship in a time of need. When a war is going on and Lucy, a five year old girl, loses her parents, a boy a few years older comes to her while she's crying and whispers soothing things into her ears. They become friends, but there's one problem driving them apart; the boy's stepmom. Lucy's stepmom is trying her best to have them see each other, but the boy's keeps insisting that Lucy is no good.

The story pretty much follows Lucy and the boy's friendship and how they overcome differences, war, and arguing stepparents.



Title: War and Friendship

Author: Misuto Amami

Pictures (Use one or as many as you'd like to. You can always search for better ones, too):

Thank you in advance! :3

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