The Twilight Saga





Overall Best:

1. Zanica

2. Juliee

3. Nikki


Most Romantic:

1.  The Notebook (Emma)

2. Twilight (Vanessa)

3. Twilight (Juliee)


Best Portrayal of Story:

1. Red Riding Hood (Nikki) AND Breaking Dawn (Zanica)

2. The Host (Abby)

3. Maximum Ride (Kelseychantel) AND Three Dog Life (Annie)


Most Twi-related Banner:

1. Twilight (Vanessa)

2. Breaking Dawn (Zanica)

3. Twilight Dream Cast (Nikki)


Favorite (optional):

1. Red Riding Hood (Nikki)

2. Twilight (Vanessa), Twilight Dream Cast (Juliee), Hunger Games (Zanica), AND Vampire Diaries (Petrova Clan)


Congrats to all! Thanks for playing! ^___^




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im gonna do this!!!
Yay! =)
I can't to do this one :)

XD *inserts the word "Wait" into Juliee's sentence out of hope that that's what she meant*


Oh...thank you my phone hates me (double checks sentence):D
XD haha! I hate having type on small screens. It's awful. =P

ok so do book that are about to be movies count also?

Yup! =D Since they already have a cast they would be option one. =)
alrighty I'm entering
yay! =D
=D this is a gorgeous banner!!!
where'd it go? did we lose someone?


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