The Twilight Saga

Ello, So hopefully you know me if not allow me to intorduce myself.

I'm Sophia Rose I make banners with my bestfirend Juliee♥ Over atEnchanted Spice

Now I decided to open my own little gallery just me to post my gaphics.

Also feel free to post here I love to hear from you post a little gif saying Hi or whatever you know.

Hope your have fun and visit my gallery again soon^-^


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Wahooo Gallery!

Old Edits

New Edits

**Click to see Gif Work**

( I want to explain the gif above its for mine and juliee's big family reunien coming p its for us and all our old family from before roleplaying on pages were banded so were geting together online and just talking and me and juliee have been working on invites this is her's from me ^-^ )

I like you work :) and nice header for the Last Song. I love that movie

KH:J BA. I simply adore your Last Song header! It look AMAZING girlie!!! =D


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