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Welcome to Built by Egg Sundae. I know. You're all probably confused why I have a weird username. Well . . . don't ask. It's sort of a long story to tell. :P

Aaaaanyways, um . . . er . . . order up!! I'm such a lazy bum to write a form that you should fill up so here's what you'll just do to order a banner/graphic/whatever. 

FIRST, state what kind of banner I should make. Be it a fan fiction banner, just some simple graphic or anything you want. SECOND, add all the important details that you need. Like for fan fiction: Author, Title of your story and all that. And for other types, just place what you want for you banner. Please, be specific!! 

And of course, the pictures. I'm a little picky when it comes to these because I've been doing a banners since last year and been taking orders from other people not from here. I kind of hate it when they put images that are blurry, small (thumbnail version) and some even have copyrightmarks. Please, refrain from putting those kind of pics. If you want, you can just place a brief detail on what you want for the picture and I'll try and find. But it would take long, though. So, patience.

So, I guess that's about it. 


P.S. I hope to make new friends here!! I'm new :D


Here are some sample/s:



UPDATE [10-24-'11]:

From now on, I'll be featuring some stories here and on my page. ONLY the one who've ordered!! Just to make things interesting and to promote your story, too!! 

Of course, even before I got this idea, I've read some chapters from the stories to whom I've made banners. 

So here's the "criteria," I haven't made up my mind yet on how to judge this and I don't really want to make this as a subgroup for contest or something of the sort. I'll see whose story has the least comments/readers and I'll feature it here!! It's to have the author receive more readers as my token of gratitude for ordering at Built by Egg Sundae. :D

Don't worry, all of the stories you've ordered a banner for will be featured!! 

Aaaaand, the update of the featuring will be for every three weeks

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!! xD


P.S. I'll start it by 10-31-'11. okay? :)

Peace, people ♥

UPDATE [10-25-'11]

So . . . I got kind of tired of putting: "Please click the banner for full view." And I thought, since everybody's probably reading this . . . for those who order, just don't forget to click the banner for full view. TTS re-sizes anything too big and my banners are mostly kind of wallpaper sized (depends on the theme of the order). So if it shrinks, the quality becomes a little blurred and all. And don't doubt this: clicking it will give you much better graphic!! So . . . yeah. 

Thanks for reading!! xD

Lotsa love ♥


Designated Visiting Hours by Andra Lee

When Bella returned to Forks after running off to rescue Edward, Charlie was ticked off like crazy and he grounded Bella... for life! He knew there was more to the story than he was hearing, but he wasn't up to fighting for answers. There are some things that a dad just doesn't want to know. Besides, with Bella trapped in the house and 'the delinquent' (as Charlie began to refer to Edward) all-too-willing to keep her company, Charlie would have plenty of time to punish Edward and work on ending the kids' relationship.

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i have one!

title: tragedy strikes

author: hes my world

quote: like a present day romeo and juliet.....

summary: olivia and justin are the couple no one wouldve thought about. hes a skater from the bad end of town, and shes a spoiled, rich girl.  they fall in love somehow, but their parents are against it from the start. "you dont belong with those street rat types." her parents would say.  "no good ever comes from rich girls."  his would say.  "they just dont get it!" they both thought. when all else fails, trust of their parents disappear, annd so they must sneak around to see each other. they just dont know how it will end. (this is nto EXACTLY like romeo and juliet, so never expect what youve heard happpened to them)

need this by: doesnt matter preferably tonight, because i have to stay up forever anyway cuz of a medical reason, so i have nothing better to do




could you put the skateboard near justin?




could you put the pearls near olivia?


Sorry I got this a little late . . . It was our exam today and I didn't get a chance to be OL ;)

But I'll work on it as fast as I can!!

How's this?


Reply if you have anything you want me to change!! :D

I hope you like this xD---

Oh, and btw, click the banner for full view!! It has a better quality res. :)

It's beautiful!! I think I'll be ordering from you a lot =D

 Fanfiction Banner

Title: Fade

 Author: Leah

 Subtext: ....and pretty soon she'll be playing princess with someone else....



Additional Details: The fiction revolves headily around envy, desperate love, self-fear, with a Bad Romance-esque lining.

How's this?

This is fantastic!

Thank you so much!

You're truly welcome!! xD

Okay... here's an order... chapter headers


Title: Designated Visiting Hours, Chapter 1 (Guests) 

Author: AndraLee

Quote: Charlie's found a way to punish Edward too

Summary: This is basically follows the Saga from the end of New Moon to the wedding. Third person limited omniscience--- as far as internal thoughts go... you know everything Edward thinks and everything he can pick up from Charlie. That's probably not important... what is important is that mostly this is about Charlie watching Bella grow up and on and his feelings about Edward.


I've started re-posting this on TTS want to and I want to add new art for each chapter. Here's the link: DVH. Although I'm only ordering a chapter header now, I might decide to replace the banner.



oops I forgot my pics


So I'm flexible... you don't have to use these pics... you can find others if you want... you can also use parts of the current or previous banners


I'll try to do this tonight, is that okay? xD
Sure take your time. np


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