The Twilight Saga

In This Comp You Have To Options of What You Can Do, And In case You Wonder about It as You Read You May Enter Five Banners. You Can Pick a Character From Any Story Published Or Unpublished. 


Option One; 

You Find A Character You Think Your Most Like and Make a Banner For them 

You Have To Tell us Why You Picked That One 

And a Moment You Felt Most Like Them 

Make Sure To Tell Us Where The Character Is From

You May Enter Three For This Option  


Option Two; 

Pick a Character That Reminds You Of Someone Else 

Tell us Why 

If There was A Special time You Thought That 

Make Sure To Tell Who The Person and The Character Is

You May Enter Two For This Option 


Rules: You can only vote the same person once for each catagory so its a little fair


Over all Best

First place: Claire & Sara

Second Place: Abby & Juliee

Best color scheme

First Place: Hannah (Nikki)

Emily (Kelsey)


Favorite Character

First Place: Reachel Berry

Second Place: Brittany & Bella

Most Origanal

First Place: Spencer (Claire) & Brittany (Juliee)

Most Improved

First: Kate

Favorite Idea

First: Pirates Of The C (Emma)

Second:Dr. Dolittle (Annie)


Look for the winner's Banners Posted in a Reply on The *Last page*

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Replies to This Discussion

Wow! Nice banner! Thank you ; D
That's beautiful Claire :)
=D Thanks guys. =)
I love the vampire academy

Option Two:Entry Two

I know Nikki Already Did a Hannah Banner for Herself But I wanted to make her one i just didn't have time but now its finally here :D

I Think Nikki is a Lot like Hannah From PLL (Pretty little liars) becuase she's very suportive of everyone like hannah, but she also has her own amazing ideas she a great team player and a great leader and thats why I think Nikki is a Lot like hannah

Thank you, now I have to do you Juliee! :P

Option Two; Juliee reminds me of Willow because she is smartly random. Also, she's like that great friend people only dream of. She can sorta shy down at times, but thats almost rarely. She is funny, and is able to keep a small secret. That is why Juliee is like Willow.



Aww I loves it nikki thank you :D
No problem :)
I love Willow... why wouldn't everybody want to be Willow.
I like Cordeila. :)

My last entry for Option One.


Angela Weber from the little book we all like to call Twilight. =)

I picked Angela because I normally a quiet girl. :3

I wear glasses, I have brown hair and I like to take pictures. =D

I don't necessarily have a moment where I have most felt like her though. :3

One more entry to go! =D


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