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Hey guys im in need of some help!! me and Delilah the wonderful writer of many FF's are in search to find who this amazing man is lol OK hes the character for her FF

Familiar strangers and we want to know who he is find other pictures for banners, but mostly our curiosity is killing us so help us i beg!!

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We think this might be the same guy, maybe with just a different angle and his normal eye color, but we still have yet to find his real name...:(



Edited does he look like him^^

>< IVE SEEN HIM BEFORE *goes off to try to remember wehre*

could this be him?

This guys name is Ben Barnes from Narnia :)

Gah! He looks so familiar! So I had to search.

I think its Jared Padalecki (Did I spell that right) who plays Sam on Supernatural.

(Click image for Full Size)

lol thanks guys but i have no idea they do look alike, im thinking hes like a model or something we just wanted his name still no clue

his name is matts christeen hes a model and im probably guessing hes foreign try comparing the pics they are extremely similar

omg!!! thats him!!! lol thanks so much!

OMG!!! That is him! Oh thank you so much Sarah, you have no idea how many hours I have sat here trying to find him. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU...I could kiss you, LOL...



I have to ask Sarah, how did you find him?

oh i opened google images in a new window and dragged (or maybe its drug... anyway) it to the searchbox and it came up with a best match :)

I wasn't aware that you could do that. LOL, that's all it took and wasted so many hours trying, lol. Well thank you for looking him, We really do appreciate it so much.




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