The Twilight Saga

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Greate idea! Can't wait to get started....
=D This is a great comp! I'm definitely going to have to work a few things up for it. :3
sounds fun I'm so doing this one.

I have a slight σвѕєѕѕιση with Demi Lovato because she is all about self empowerment and that just makes me ℓσνє her!
I love demi! And I'm obsessed!
hard not to be obsessed with her ;D
yes, yes it is.
i dont know much about her but the more i look at your banner the more i love it

Watch the Phenias and Ferb to the second dimension movie on Friday! I LOVE AGENT P!

love perry!!!
I know, him and doof are the only reason I watch phenias and ferb.


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