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Here is the chatterbox. Come here to post illnesses, vacations and so on. Or just go ahead and have a chatter, maybe even about Twilight.

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reposting a message from the comment wall....


Admin TheImprinted(Becki) is away and without her regular internet service. For a few days, her availability will be limited.

Just giving everyone an advance notice:

On July 20th, I will be gone the entire day. Any orders you want me to do on that day will be taken care of when I return on the 21st. :]

Floating Dreams (Madi) will be out-of-town the week of July 25.

Next weekend I will be gone from Friday till maybe Tuesday going camping :D 

This is my advanced notice 

You sure camp alot! ;-)

I thought i leave something to chat about in the chatter Box :D

(I had a gif for this but...its on my broke laptop)

Breaking Dawn who's planing to see it and when?

The week after it comes out,

I will have the perfect amount of money to go with my bff and mom

the day it comes out.... the midnight showing

There aren't many theaters around here... and the ones that are here aren't like nice, you know? So... I'm going to get a room in a big city where there I can go someplace with comfortable seats and leg room (I'm too tall). I'll hide my favorite contraband in my purse---strawberries, grapes and string cheese---and buy a mocha latte (yes, I said latte... cause this will be one of those big theaters with a coffee bar.) 


Okay maybe this response is late... but I didn't have a plan until last night. :P

lol and that's a wonderful plan

Ello Everybody I just wanted to talk about glee i went to see the show yesterday 3d :D So much fun had the theater two my self besides these two weird people who didn't watch the movie....O.o

Danced sang and cired alittle xD

i'm soooo jealous!


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