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1. Please make ALL orders a NEW REPLY!

2. Photos:

  • DO NOT INCLUDE PHOTOS WITH WATERMARKS OR COPYRIGHTS. I cannot and will not use these images.
  • Please provide LARGE photos (Stretching it DOES NOT make it larger!)
  • No links please!

3.This is NOT a convenient store, and I am not blind. I see orders, and I will fill them. I get online when I can, and that's not necessarily everyday.

4. Please include the title of the form with the order! Otherwise I may not know what it is that you are trying to order!

(I do not mean to be rude, or strict or anything its just that these little problems/annoyances keep occurring  these things are imperative for the organization and clarity of ordering a banner.)


If you need photos don't be afraif to ask! I'd be happy to find some for you! Whether you want them for a banner or not! =)



(Please use my form as opposed to one from another person's shop. If I don't have a form for a graphic you want then make one! Specify what you want and just order me to do it! =)

 Profile Photo:

(400 by 400)

(600 by 600)

Name: (optional)





Story Banner:

(800 by 600)

(800 by 400)

Quote: (please no long quotes!)



Summary: (one or two detailed sentences please):

Photo(s): (please no small photos! I WILL ask for others!)


Book Cover: 

(256 by 400)




Quote: (optional, if there is a quote it must be SMALL)





Page Header:

(600 by 100)

(800 by 200)

Name: (optional)





Character Banner:

(800 by 600)

(800 by 400)


Quote: (Please no long quotes!)




Lyric Banner:

(800 by 600)

(800 by 400)

Name Of Band:

Name Of Song: (optional)

Quote From Song:


Photo(s): (Please no small photos I WILL ask for others!)

 Role Play Banners:

(800 by 600)

(800 by 400)

Name of rp:

Quote: (optional)

Name Of Creator: (optional)



Photo(s): (optional) (Please no small photos I WILL ask for others!)



(1280 by 800)





Photos: (MUST be large photos!)


Eye Color:

Make up: (Yes or no)

Photo: (MUST be large.)



Video from YouTube(preferably 1080p):

Text (optional):

Specific color tone(optional):


Facebook Covers





Photo(s): (Please provide large photos.)

Want to learn how to do something on GIMP? 

Request a tutorial and I'll show you!

What do you want to learn:

Provide an example of it from my work:




More Examples Here: 

Claire Bear's Graphic Gallery


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Here are a few of my favorite shops here on TTS. These individuals are incredibly talented and it's an honor to sponsor them. =)

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Hey claire! :P So, i finally got my stuff on wattpad under control! yay! if you dont mind, could you make a book cover for me?? Thnx!

Title: Love, Death, Tears, and a Blood Red Rose

Author gothgirl131

Theme: sad, but loving-ish

Quote: I thought it was best for all of us. I guess not.

Summary: Sam Mitchell always had a hard life. He was quiet, especially since his incident when he was 8. His dad practically hated him, and his mother was too vain to notice him. That is, until he meets the Pratts, Jason and Alexx, and their cousin, Rose. Now, there has always been conflict between the Pratts, Wests, and the Mitchells. After seven years of suffering verbal abuse from his father, he decides it would best to cut himself off from his friends completely. For all of their sakes'. It's eight years later, and not much has changed. Until Rose finds him again.

Pictures: just a simple picture of a Rose wilting, please!! :P


Hi Claire,


I was wondering if you could do like a collage of pics into one banner?


Story; Familiar Strangers


Pics are of our beloved Gabriel.


No words are neccessary excpet for his name (Gabriel). Just his pics. Elegantly put together. No bright colors or sparkles. Just sexy pics of Gabriel, lol.









In the fourth close up pic, can you make his eyes black? The rest I don't think you can really tell, right?


Thanks so much,


How is this Delilah?

(Click for full size)

Hey Emma! I'm so sorry this has taken me so long! I should have been on this order a while ago. =/ When you say a photo of a rose writing, what  do you mean? A rose literally writing something? Or a rose and writing?

Title : Run

Type : Book

Author : Grace Catherine

Theme : Set back during the civil war

Extra : I wanna use this on a project, but I'd really need it tomorrow since it's due the 20th... And um, I'm sorry, if that sounds rude. <3

Quote : Disgusting, they're animals, they aren't even people... right ?


Katherine Pierce - katherine-pierce photo

Is this a book cover girlie?

Hiya Claire!! :D

I have finally come to you to ask for a Wallpaper [1360x768] (If that's too big you can make it 1280x800 ^^)


(Is from an Evanescence song, so if you could keep the lyrics split up as they are now it would be perfect ^^)

"I've been screaming on the inside
And I know you feel the pain
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Say you love me but it's not enough"

If the banner could express a mix between despair, sorrow and love I would be forever grateful ^^ (Colors are up to you^^)

Photos: (MUST be large photos!)

[Click on them for full sizes ^^]

You don't have to use all the pics, I've just collected a bunch for you to choose from ^^ Hopefully some of them will catch your eye right away and then fit together perfectly :D

I know these are A LOT of pics but remember you don't need to use them all :P Just choose the ones you like/that work the best for you ^^

And no rush on this - take your time! I don't need this right away :)

XD This order makes me nervous. LOL. Youre so amazing at banner making... I don't want to disappoint you! LOL.

I hope you don't mind that I saved the majority of those photos. xD They are all so gorgeous!

Now... I hope you like the wallpaper. :3

Click on it for it's full size.

Ello Claire I haven't Herd from you in a while so I'm writing on your "Shop" (that's a facebook joke xD 

Did you notice there's a LIKE button on the discussions I LIKED your shop yup :) 

Well Bye Clairebear ♥


Victoriaa justice *to be in the gifs*

The text:

I love you


Hey everyone.

I'm terribly sorry that I've sort of been MIA the past few weeks, but in all honesty, I have a very good reason other than I simply did not feel like logging on.

My computer got a virus about a month ago and we had an awful time getting rid of it. In the process of ridding my computer of it's nastiness we had to restore it to the factory settings. We did back up my files, but some where along the transfer they were coroded, meaning that nothing opens and nothing works correctly. I have lost an extreme amount of everything. All of my photos, stock photos, celebrity photos, personal photos, gifs, etc, are gone. All of my fonts, brushes, etc are gone, including GIMP itself. I had nearly 3,000 songs and every single one of them are also gone. My stories, including Word Processor itself is gone. It has literally been almost physically painful to log onto my computer. I no longer have any of the things I need to create a banner, to write, to do anything. In order to use gifs in the message I had to search for some on the internet.

It's probably going to be a while before I can be productive again.

I'm SO sorry if you have an order in my shop, I will eventually get to it, but I cannot tell you how long it will take.

I cannot write until I have Word on my computer again, and I have to go collect the chapters posted and paste them into new documents.

There is an endless amount of things I have to do before I can even begin to be creative again.

With all of this being said, I beg of you, if any of you know of a way to get my photos and music back, please please please let me know! I know that there is a way to do through your computer's indexing, and there probably is some other way, but it's complicated stuff and I'm not up for putting my computer back into the risk of that virus.

If any of you have any thing of mine, lyric banners, stock photos, gifs, ANYTHING that you have saved of mine, PLEASE send it to me.

(I don't mean orders that I have filled for you, I mean literal things that were mine.)

I'm sorry for the inconvience guys, I'll do my best to get everything back in order. =)

-Claire J. Darling


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