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I assume we all know what a crackship is, but if not, here's a lovely definition straight from the Hannah's Dictionary:

Crackship (crack-ship), noun → A stupidly unrealistic ship that will never happen except in fanfictions (Like Jane/Paul, Alec/Renesmee, Jasper/Bella, Emmett/Bella, Bella/Mike, so on) but we still ship it anyways because we love it.

Anyways, this a contest celebrating lovely crackships that you ship! I'm sure we all have at least one and they don't have to be Twilight universe. If you're in a roleplay and you ship two of the people together in your roleplay but you know it's never gonna happen, go ahead and make a banner. Or if you ship actresses and actors that you know is never going to happen, go ahead and make a banner.

Honestly, it's just a fun thing that shows some of the weirdest things you ship. And trust me, you won't get frowned down upon!




→Six entries maximum

→All of them must be in January 19, because that's close to when voting starts.

→If you still don't get what a crackship is, just let me know and I'll really explain it in great detail.

→Have fun<3


And we're off like superman. <3

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OH God! I am loving this contest right now!!!

 So Its not my best work but.


Oh wow! These are great. :) Um, I feel stupid but who's the ship? Dean and someone?

 Ive alwaya loved the thought of those two togather.

Dean My favorite male charcter

rooke my favorite female charcter.

I just think they'd be perfect for each other.

(Sam and Haley are Cute also!)

 This is my last of Brean Banners,lol!


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