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New (-ish) year, new shop! Check it out! 

To order-

Name of story/roleplay-


Pictures(Please no more than four or five)-

Any additional text-

Background Image(optional)-

To order-

Character name-

Roleplay/Story name (Optional)-


Additional text-


To order-

Names of Couple-

Roleplay/Story name (Optional)-


Quote (This can be something they've said to each-other that you liked, or something that describes them as  a couple, a song quote, etc.)-




To order- 

Description of what you want(Pop-out, page header, etc.)-

A theme for your order(Optional, but usually greatly appreciated)


Any text you'd like to appear on your order-

Other specifications-

Quote Banner-


Polyvore Banner- (Use the regular banner form, but specify this is what you'd like. It's just a different style) 

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Alright, if the site you're using has a white layout, there's this one, which looks better, but also looks odd on say, a gray background

So there's also this one



Ahhh insomnia.

This is damn good!  Wow!

I would love it if you entered in my Banner Comp.  I would love to see what you would do.  :D

Gah! Everyone and their comps! I have orders! And sometimes I like to sleep, too.

haha, I understand.

The deadline isn't until August 4th, so you still have a while.  I can also extend the deadline, you know.

gee crimson, i said if you have spare time and are bored. i never said you had too...
I was joking, once you get to know me a bit better you'll get a better feel for my sense of humor, sorry if I offended you or anything.

All orders completed!




No problem.
All back orders are completed, awaiting more new orders!

Hey, could I have a banner for my fanfic please?

Name of story/role play- Isolated
Author: Emelinee
Pictures: Attached as files.
Any additional text- "If the world couldn't love me, how could I ever love it back?"
Background Image- I don't have a background image, but could it be a dark one?



The photo doesn't work! Oh noes!

Nope, wait I got it lol, it's tiny though, lemme see if it'll work though.


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