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I did my best, but unfortunately the lighting just wasn't good and the picture couldn't go any bigger without getting incredibly pixilated.
It's alright.
Sorry the characters are sort of facing weird, the pictures just weren't working out any other way.
If you need me to change it I definately can, I'll just need new pictures for at least one of them.
The characters look fine, and the banner's great, thanks!
Alright, good, I was worried the girl was looking a bit spectral.

Picture (it must be in COLOR. I simply cannot vampirize a black and white photo, sorry for the inconvenience)-


Cullen/regular style(Gold or red eyes, other colors available on request)- Girl's eyes Purple and Boy's White/no pupil

I can get the girl back to you ASAP, but I might have to play around with the guy's eyes for a bit.
Thank you!! You are so Awesome!

Right now his eyes are looking like this

Which is just making it look like they're gone from the picture.

I may find a picture with white eyes already and sort of put it over if all else fails.

Maybe you could make it to where in the white there is a little grey for what should be his pupil, he's seeing the future, he's from My Babysitter's a Vampire. OTHER than that, It looks Great!
I've never watched that, but I'll try your idea.


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