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Name of story/roleplay-


Pictures(Please no more than four or five)-

Any additional text-

Background Image(optional)-

To order-

Character name-

Roleplay/Story name (Optional)-


Additional text-


To order-

Names of Couple-

Roleplay/Story name (Optional)-


Quote (This can be something they've said to each-other that you liked, or something that describes them as  a couple, a song quote, etc.)-




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Description of what you want(Pop-out, page header, etc.)-

A theme for your order(Optional, but usually greatly appreciated)


Any text you'd like to appear on your order-

Other specifications-

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Polyvore Banner- (Use the regular banner form, but specify this is what you'd like. It's just a different style) 

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Like? Love? Any changes?
Awesome! I hope you come back, I had a really fun time with this one since it didn't have to be all dark for once. :)

Name-What If?(Hermione/Embry Story)

Author-Elizabeth Swann Turner and Crew


Pictures (Please no more than four or five)-

Hermione Granger

Isabell Jenny Martin

Brady Embry Call

Any additional text-Can True Love Really Exist Between a Werewolf and a Witch?

I love you

I don't want to losse you

Please Stay

Background Image(Please provide or specify plain black/white background. I won't always use these, but I do need to have them if I do need to use them)-a Background between dark and light, faded at the top and more darker as it goes down. most black but can have some white to it, oh can you make Hermione look a bit paler as if she was a Vampire please

Thank you

Sure, can you narrow down your text to just one or two phrases please, unless you'd like me to do multiple banners.
multiple banners please and for the other one can you use picture of hermione,embry and hands holding? thank you :)

I tried it with the background like you described, and it just didn't look good. I take pride in the quality of my banners, and I didn't want to give you a substandard one, so I used a different background and I'm really pleased with how it came out.


Here's one banner, I sort of combined a few phrases on this one, I'll start one the rest of yours soon, but I'm going to start Ŧřĭƀŭŧɇȿ ؃ Ŧħɇ Ħŭŋğɇř Ģăɯɇȿ's banner first since I've already done one for you.
And, unfortunately, since my banners tend to be quite different than others, especially in their overall style and the process I use to make them, I'm afraid adding holding hands may not turn out well, however, I can use an image of a couple (I have plenty were you can't tell who the couple is, you mainly see the silhouettes, for just this reason) as the background image, much as the bridge is used here.

Another banner I made in this style for reference:

I changed the quote just a bit becuase I think it looks better this way, if you don't like it I can change it back.

I love it :) really thank you its great

you're welcome to read my fanfic, the chapter 1 part 1 is up

Me gotz an order!  :D

It's a couple banner.....except they're not a couple.  They're best friends that are extremely close.


Name of "Couple"- Riley and Brandi


Quote- Friends for eternity...

Extra: Can you make the pic of Riley look like Riley in the movie?  Pale, red eyes, etc.  Can you make Brandi's hair darker, like a dark brown, and make her like a vampire, with pale skin, and dark red eyes?  And, put the woods in the background?

Thank you!

Unfortunately, I need a bigger image to use as a background, I have plenty of pictures of woods saved on my computer if you'd like.
Okay, you can surprise me with one from your computer.  :D

No problem! :)


And I'm really sorry, but the images for your characters are small also, however, since they're both celebrities, it should be easier for me to find a larger image of both of them, I could go ahead and use your images, but I'm afraid it will look pixilated and just not clear at all, so I'd prefer to find my own unless you can provide me with a larger image yourself.


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