The Twilight Saga

Everyone has their bad days and their good days right?


Well why not share it?

If you've had a bad day you can alway come on here make a banner and vent through it. Instead of sitting around pouting, or thinking about it. Let all of your frustrations out, and relax :)


This isn't really a challenge or competetion I guess, more of a sharing thing. Where you can some and let everything out to your friends on here. I know that's pretty much the same as just going and commenting about it, but with this you can also create something beautiful through what you're feeling.

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This how i feel most days...

If you ever need to talk about anything, just message me or something :)

And I know how you feel..

Btw, your banner is very pretty :3

Will do, thx!

No problem ^^

Figured since I made this today, I might as well post how I feel today.

Not my best banner...

the emotions pain & sadness cross my mind every day and affected my life so much, so I thought I'd make a banner for it...

This is how I feel somedays even if I dont know why Im crying

*Credit to Eva for the texture


Rest in Peace to all the beautiful souls who died in the movie massacare! 12 killed and 59 people injured, families waited for at least 20 hours just to find out that their loved one were dead... My heart goes out to all the families, little children died...babies. This was two days ago but people are still in critical condition in the hospital. I felt so sad for them, this news won't go away too quickly... :(


Credit to Claire for her beautiful texture!

I would never start again, but today...

it's just one of those days where the thought of doing it is screaming louder than the voice telling me not to...

Hey if you ever need someone to talk to I'm always here. I know we haven't talked much, but I'm still here for you. I know exactly how you feel




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