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Alrighty, Hello guys!!!

This comp is simple and all up to your opinions!

This is the second part in a revived chain of comps I (and maybe other members) will be hosting!

The original Dream Cast Competition was hosted by Nikki!

There are three options to this comp!!

Option One:

Pick a BOOK 

Create a graphic with actor(s) you would pick if you were casting the movie or television show!

Option Two:

Pick a MOVIE

Create a graphic with the actor(s) you would have chosen if you were the one who cast it!

Option Three


Create a graphic with the actor(s) you would have chosen if you were the one who cast it!


Who Do You Think Fits Best(The graphic with the best dream cast in your opinion):




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Option One

The book I chose was Vampire Kisses.

To be honest, it's been a long time since I picked that book up and I haven't read the latest one, but I remember REALLY enjoying those books.

I think that Vanessa Hudgens would make a GREAT Raven Madison.

She has the dark hair and eyes that I think are really necessary for the part. I know they could always dye someones hair but I really think she is perfect for the role. :3

OH MY GOSH I LOVE Vampire Kisses! 

Your Banner is stunning Claire. I think Vanessa would be great for the part she's just got that right attitude for the role.  Gosh i miss those books my moms EX- Sister-In-Law borrowed mine and i don't think i'm ever going to get anything I lent her back. 

Awe, I'm sorry to hear about your books! I hate it when you lend things out and they don't come back. DX It's the worst. Thank you for the compliment! I was already thinking I was going to have to add eyeliner to Vanessa but then I found that photoshoot and just fell in love with it. :3

This is beautiful Claire!

I loved reading this series, it actually the first vampire series I read!

Thanks Rachel!

It was my third or fourth vampire series. I was never really into that kind of stuff until Twilight and then. well. I have too many supernatural books to count now. xD

Option One

I chose Logan Lerman as Sam Roth from The Wolves of Mercy Falls series. Logan fits the character perfectly with his mop of black hair and I did make his eyes yellow just like Sam's eyes in the books but I didn't like how it looked. xD

I've never heard of  those books!

I'll have to go look them up!

I really love how you did this banner!!!

Option One, but am I an influenced by the musical. xD

I read the book several years ago and was not actually all that impressed by it. However, the musical, I was thoroughly impressed. <3

Any way. If they were to make a movie, whether it is based on the book or the musical, preferably the musical, I would want Lea Michele to play Elphaba. I think Lea is WAY beyond perfect for the role, and it really doesn't help by the fact she looks a lot like Idina Menzel, the original Elphaba. =)

I would want Amanda Seyfried to play Glinda. I'm not entirely sure if Amanda Seyfried could pull off the right sort of voice that Glinda would need though. Amanda has a very soft voice and strong vibrato where Kristen Chenowith and Megan Hilty and such are very loud singers. 

And of course. I would want Aaron Tveit to play Fiyero. It doesn't hurt that he played Fiyero on Broadway either. :3 But I think he is wayyy perfect the role. He's beautiful and has an equally as beautiful voice. <3

Vampire Academy!
i just found out they started filming. Im so excited!

Ahh I loved those books :D 

I've never thought of Britney snow as Lissa but now that you've made this i can see it 

Did you know they're really making the movie?

I know! Have you see the cast list yet? 
Some ive heard of either I haven't! Im so hoping that Jensen get cast as Adrian. It make my fangirl life complete.

I did see the cast list:This is It :)


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