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Welcome my dear pupils!!

You all probably know that it's my first time being a mentor at TGBT. I don't know much of how to plot things up and you know, what to teach you guys and all that. 

So!! Here's what I'm going to do: Since I don't know much about your styles and stuff, first, please put at least one graphic of yours (recent is preferred). That way, I'll know what to improve, lessen, and anything to be changed but still stay with your style. Second, indicate anything you want to know more about and I'll try my best (if I know) to explain it furthermore. 'kay? 

Sorry if I only wanted two persons to be my pupils. All the time, I really busy and I don't want to be too pressured to keep in touch with all of you. And since it's, as I said, my first time being a mentor, I'd like to keep it low and steady first before accepting more students. :D

As I've read, term starts at . . . December 1, am I correct? I'll be preparing then till  that day comes!! xD

Yeep!! I'm so excited to post some tutorials!! ♥ xD







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Do you want us to post our graphics and what we to know more about now or wait until December first?


Don't worry about being pressured, I can only log in on weekends, and I've never known Z to be anything but flexible. =P

Sure!! :D

It'd be easier for me, I think. xD 

Easier to post them now?

(Sorry, I ask a lot of questions if the meaning of something isnt clear to me. XD)

Yep :D

And it's actually my fault xP I didn't clarify it xD

Haha alright, we'll share the blame. :3

Is it okay if I post more than one example my work?

I do lots of different things with different banners. :3

I've looked through your banner shop atleast four times, I can't get enough of your work Crislin!

You're so creative when you make a banner! I honestly cannot wait to get started. =)

Sure :D


Oh, please refrain from the praises. I can't finish my lunch here xP AHAHA.

I don't really expect much compliments from you guys when I joined here. My work looks pretty average :/

wow I will try to stop complimenting to you but it will be hard!

And I have what I a page with ll of my graphics in one place.... would you like me to post the link to that?

Sure thing :) 


And I'm pretty sure the soon enough, I am going to be you two's most wanted stalker now on your graphics xD AHAHA.

lol that's ok

here's is everything i ever made. from my very first graphix to now!

i dont think you will need a passward to veiw but if you do let me know and I

will message it to you

@Zanica: It needs password . . . 

check your inbox


\ o /

I've noticed that most of Zanica's graphics are mostly compressed altogether and all. But not all of them, of course. Well, that's something to be . . . um . . . dimished? I guess. For me, it makes the whole graphic all cramped up together and there's not much space for other designs. 

If it's your styles (Zanica and Claire), I'll think of something to make it all better and more creative :) I don't really intend to change your whole graphic style completely. I simply wish for us all to be friends and share great graphics xD


So far, here is one tutorial I'm planning to make:

- How to blend pictures anyway you want.


That tutorial is something all of us could learn from. Like . . . if you're lazy (and I'm lazy most of the time) and you can't make-up your mind if you should remove the backgrounds of the pics and all, you can simply not do anything on that pic and just let your magic go!!


Um . . . does all of that makes some sense? 

Sorry if I have bad english x[


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