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Hello, my name is Elena. I love to make banners and graphics so, I would love to fill your orders. Before you order please tell me what you want before you put the form and make them a new reply.

(All headers below were made by Nikki :D )

If  I dont have a specific form here, you make it up!

Character Banners

(800 by 600)

Character Name:




Anything Else?:


Story Banners

(800 by 600)






Book Covers

(256 by 400)






Lyric Banners

(800 by 600)


Lyric Quote:


Anything Else?:


Pop Outs

(640 by 400 or 800 by 600)



Anything Else?:




Who do you want on it?:



What Color Eyes:

Pale or Normal:

Hair Color:



 Please Remember:

  • Please use big pictures. I simply cannot work with small ones
  • Your orders might not be done right away.If you need it done by a specific date just tell me
  • If you dont like the banner or you want me to make improvements just tell me
  • Remember Im still learning some tricks :)


If you dont like my shop I reccommend these


While Waiting..........

Read my story (On Hold. Writers Block)

Read this amazing story by Nikki

 Have a great DAY!


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Im so so sorry for the long wait

I will probably keep trying to get the gifs to work

If I do I will message you

So here you go

Hi Elena I'm here for a profile picture, could you make one for me, well two actually, one for my tts page and one for my facebook...

Name n1: Escaily

Name n2: Celeste

Theme: you chose I'm sure you will do my picture justice, I just got back from a trip to the the beach and feel the need to change the profiles of my pages a bit, so do whatever you want, if you want to make one pic just with different names it's cool, if you want to make two pics just for fun, that's cool too...

here's the pic

Hey guys!
Im back again!

I had some slight computer problems again but Im finally back.

I noticed my shop needed a boost with orders again so...

If you want to have a banner done or anything


And I will make sure to get it back to you quickly.

I have only two days of school this week so Ill have a lot of time.

I love you ALL!!!!!


@With You x

btw this is for an rp


Title: Celebrity Summer Love

Quote: "Celebrites .. Summer .. And Love . Can't Get Any Better Than That ."

Summary: A Group Of Friends Decide To Go To L.A. For The Summer. While On The Beach They All See A Huge Group Of Their Celebrity Crushes. Things Will Start To Get Complicated As They All Get To Know Eachother. They All Get Locked In A Supposedly "Haunted" Mansion That They Were All Dared To Go To. What Happens When They're All Not Human? Relationships Will Be Ruined, Hearts Will Be Broken, Friendships Will Be Tested And....Only One Will Come Out .... Find Out What Will Happen In Celebrity Summer Love ..


^^i want her staring at rob, taylor and kristen

I will be doing these orders soon...

I didnt forget about you guys XD

Hey guys!

Im so so sorry for the orders I didn't complete!

Im planning on redoing my whole shop so it will be under construction for a while.

Again Im so sorry about not completing some orders!


Are you taking orders? :)

I will be taking orders soon! I just got GIMP back so I'm still a little rusty.

But yes. In about a day or two I will be taking orders so you can leave your order now if you want!

okay thanks :) I will do.

(800 by 600)

Summary:As the young Bella becomes friends with Harry and his friends, it causes jealousy among the Slytherin House.Especially when one Slytherin in Particularly warms up to Bella and becomes friends with Gryffindors. Love, Lies, Betrayal, Hope, Pain and Death are all on the cards for Bella and the people around her.
Title: Betrayal

Author:Left Of Me

Theme: Love/Darkness


(800 by 600)

Die Flügel der Freiheit

Artist: Linked Horizon 

Lyric Quote:

O, mein Freund!
Jetzt hier ist ein Sieg.
Dies ist der erste Gloria.
O, mein Freund!
Feiern wir diesen Sieg, für den nächsten Kampf!

 With glory in our hands, we sing of victory, bearing the wings of freedom upon our backs
(Those calamitous beasts…)
Clenching our resolve to our hearts, we tear through the spiral of foolishness
(…Will be annihilated!)
Let us dance in the clear skies—
Wings of Freedom!


Anything Else?: can the Italicized words be larger or something on the lines of that. 


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