The Twilight Saga

I've deicided to make my own gallery to share some of my work with you guys 

I will also post some stocks, edits, songs I use in banners, and sometimes even random stuff! :3

If you see something you want to use, go ahead and use it, just please credit me if you do.

Also you can tell me where you used it! I would love to see what you did with it! =)



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Thank you!


Ok, so this isnt really graphic related but.....

Vampire Diaries was Ah-May-Zing!!!!

This show never disappoints.

Although it did kinda crush my Delena dreams

But, Stelena is so cute

But anyways, I feel so bad for Bonnie

She now lost her Grams AGAIN!!!!!

I dont want to say any spoilers so Im going to end with this.....


I am now done with my fangirling moment

Most of this episode. Actually all of it

(Even though my Delena likes were kinda shattered)

But its also good I like Stelena too

It was pretty amazing

The whole time I was like


I completely agree with everything you said!!

It really hard to talk about how amazing the episode was without giving spoilers!! ARRGH!!!

STELENA!!! This is my second favourite ship and they're back together!! Woohoo!!

Delena isn't over, at least I don't think that they are since Julie and Kevin have so many storylines to work out between with them.

Poor, poor Bonnie and Matt and Rebekah also. I feel so bad for them :(

You know I spent season 2 hating Nik and season 3 liking him but what he did for Caroline just made me love him even more even if he's the bad guy!

The ending!! I wonder who made the pastor did that?

Now I have to wait another week for a new episode!! GAH!!


*Credit to Rachel for the texture

Wow, I like that it's in black and white, it adds mysterious-ness.

Thanks Nikki!

*Credit to Rachel for the texture

*Credit to Rachel for the texture*

^^I am actually in love with the banner above^^

Hmm... me too x) It's beautiful!!

Thank you so much Kara!


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