The Twilight Saga

I've deicided to make my own gallery to share some of my work with you guys 

I will also post some stocks, edits, songs I use in banners, and sometimes even random stuff! :3

If you see something you want to use, go ahead and use it, just please credit me if you do.

Also you can tell me where you used it! I would love to see what you did with it! =)



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Very pretty!

How mad were you when you watched the last week's episode and saw that Katherine wasn't back in Mystic Falls for real?

I was so mad!
But even in hallucinations, she had fabulous style XD
I bet she'll be back for real soon

I agree, she did a wonderful job of taunting Elena!

I made this for my friend roleplaying here.

*Credit to Claire for the texture

Caroline and Damon banners for my friend




Fabulous work!

DO you ship Caroline and Damon?

Thanks Eva!

Well if he didnt use her I probably would

There pretty cute together! =)

But I like Caroline and Klaus together

*Credit to Claire for the texture

Too Close-Alex Clare


This is beautiful! 

Great stock of the couple! It really matches the lyrics of a song that so great!!

I REALLY love what you did with the texture girly!

It's so beautiful!

Thanks everyone!


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