The Twilight Saga

I've deicided to make my own gallery to share some of my work with you guys 

I will also post some stocks, edits, songs I use in banners, and sometimes even random stuff! :3

If you see something you want to use, go ahead and use it, just please credit me if you do.

Also you can tell me where you used it! I would love to see what you did with it! =)



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My entry for Claire's "Fierce Females" challenge

This is just beautiful Elena!!!

Thanks so much Claire!
That means so much to hear that from you!

I really do just find this amazing!!! 

Thank you so much Juliee!

Hiya guys!

Im sorry I disappeared for so so long!

My computer (like usual) decided to shut down and not let me on it for a while, but it does work sometimes!

I miss you all so so much!!!!

Hopefully my computer will stay up so I can continue making graphics, but I will mostly be on mobile with school and everything else Im doing.

See you all soon!


Can't wait to see you around more often girly!!! =D


Hi everyone!

So I guess I was wrong about my computer sometimes totally hates me now!
Ugh this long without making graphics has been absolute torture!

Once Christmas comes around, I'll have a new computer and I'll finally get back to doing what I love!

But I wanted to get everyone's opinion on something for when I get back.

A lot of people have been changing their face claims lately(or at least have changed them once) except for me.

I was hoping that you guys could help me decide who my new face claim should be.

I was thinking someone like Phoebe Tonkin, Danielle Campbell, or just sticking with Nina Dobrev.

I also like Candice Accola or Claire Holt but I want to try to get out of the whole Vampire Diaries face claims :p

Any other ideas?

Anyway, Im so excited to almost be back. Only 14 more days!

See you all soon!



Phoebe Tonkin ALWAYS looks good and there's always a lot of photo choices.

But Danielle has some great photoshoots and no one has done her before :3

Whatever you choose I'll be happy :3

They both do have so many great photo choices for icons and banners.

But I definitely think Im leaning towards Phoebe :3

But I also like how Danielle hasnt been done before.

Decisions, decisions...

I guess I'll know when I come back and start making icons and banners of both of them which one I'm more confortable with!


And I just realized Danielle was in one of my all time favorite Disney movies..


Now I'm leaning towards Danielle

Ugh this is going to be a hard choice...


Danielle Campbell is so cute!

And Claire Holt is great!

Changing your face claim is such a fun thing to do! If I wasn't so attached to Jenna, Billie, and Lea I think I would have had about 100 of them by now! xD

But I think you should choose whoever will make you the most happy!!! You can always change back to Nina if having someone else makes you uncomfortable. =)


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