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Welcome To Enchanted Spice My Name is Juliee or JulieeBean. I am the boss here at Enchanted Spice I was given the shop by my good friend/Aunt Lila Spice who founded it with her best friend and my "Daughter" Ella 'New' Enchanted. They Both left this site when Role players were being banned, Lila taught me everything she new about banner making which wasn't too much I guess but it was useful and that's the History of The Shop I guess. Anyways I have a small staff of my best friend Sophie who is like the VP here at the shop, so be nice to her or I wont be nice to you. My nickname at the shop is Cute Computer Nerd because if you ever meet me in real life you would know that is exactly what I am. I spend way too much time online trying to learn new things about Banner making and Web Design. I am a Recurring Mentor at GMPG and I love teaching people everything I know! I am a Admin on this group and I will enforce all rules here and everywhere on the group. If you have any problems with someone or something on the group I am always willing to listen you can comment me here on my page or Private message me if needed. Safety is number one here you should always feel welcome and safe on this group guys so if you don't let me or another Admin know! Okay well I think that's everything....Bye guys!

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Hey There Stranger my name is Sophia Jane Rosa V. Amoire-Black and I am the Newbie down here at Enchanted Spice and My Nickname is The Rule Breaker because I like to take stander things and see how far I can stretch it before it breaks completely :) I am the VP basically of the group and the Enforcer my girl Juliee is sweet and caring but she doesn't like to start conflicts I on the other hand am not like that if i see you misbehaving at all I will ask you kindly to leave our discussion and then I will report you with no other warning alright! So I am not a mentor on GMPG or an Admin but I am always willing to help a fellow artiest out if they need it. So have fun and Good luck out there!

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Replies to This Discussion

Name Pop-Outs 

Name/Text: Tohru Honda



Colors: Any color you want

I'll get right on this But I had a question on your last order The harry Potter one (Here) Did you want a profile photo or a group banner?

Profile Photo.. :3

Okay I'll get right on it :D

For Renesmee:

tell me if you need it resized 

Uhm do you mind putting both pictures on the side of the words? and just choose any color for the middle of the words?

and I love the photo!

Okay I can do That :D


Well, I need a story banner and a part of the story banner, sort of...well, here's the first one:

Title: One More Chance

By: Maria Jose Mora Lobo

Quote: "Can we fall, one more time?
Stop the tape and rewind
Oh and if you walk away I know I'll fade
Cause there is nobody else"

Summary: Alison is a half Costarican half American girl who is passionate in everything she does. She is shy but funny and sweet, and that's what makes Renan, a Brazilian boy, feel something for her. But Renan makes a mistake, which completely breaks Alison's heart. Alison goes back to Costa Rica with her mother after her parents divorce. Three years pass, and Alison's mother decides to send her back to the U.S. Before she goes there, she promises herself that she would not fall into Renan's enchantment again, but everything changes when she sees him again after all that time. 

Which artist: any of you is okay, really. You too seem very talented and I trust you both with this:)

Extra: I dont know if this helps actually, but Ali is a ballet/hip hop/belly dancer and Renan is a hip hop/break dance dancer and loves to sing and play the guitar and they both go to a school of arts. Just thought it might be useful:)

Kind of Story: Romance


Alison Benson Ramírez

Renan da Silva Almeida

Part of the story banner(sort of like a chapter banner, I guess):

Title of Story: One More Chance

Title of part: Part 1: Betrayed

Quote: "Darling, I guess I made the wrong mistakes. I understand if you need your space. Please take your time..."

Summary: Alison and Renan go out. After a while, they start dating, but Renan cheats on her. They fight, they break up. After   a month or two, she goes back to Costa Rica with her mom. Renan regrets what he did and realizes he was stupid for doing what he did. 'Part' ends with Ali deciding to forget about Renan and moving on.


Thanks and I hope I'm not asking for too much!!

I'll get right on it I have all the time in the world today :)

How's This for the story banner?

I couldn't fit the whole qoute but i tired: to fit some 

Oh, this is amazing!!! and dont worry about the is perfect just like this! Thanks:D

your welcome I'll do your next banner right now :)


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