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Replies to This Discussion

Yay, I will have this soon a few moments later today somewhere around there :) 

And you said this was for a header and a banner right?

okay :) yeah the one I sent with Stefan is for the banner

the header order is below this :)

Okay :)

if you need more pictures, feel free to find some :)

I just ask that Jason (Ezra) has short hair and Bella (Kristen) has blonde hair :)

Title of story; My Immortal

Size;(Header or Banner). Quite big so it fits the page

Quote; Everyone has a secret

Which Artist: You


Here Is The Banner

The First Header

And Then I did This Header with just Bella

This, in my opinion, looks great!!

wow thank you :) I love all of them.

The header kind of looks like, that Bella's being watched by all 3 of them :) from different angles lol. Suits very well.

If you want to read the story :) go ahead. I am looking for some more readers

Gifs :) I was wondering if you could do me a gif manip

Have one or want one;

(For this one please cut out the edward bits :))

Youtube Link:*If you want: please can use use the clip of Kristen jumping into the ocean and Caleb jumping down aswell :).

What should it say; 

Do you want small or big; medium :)

Who is it of if you want on; Bella, Caleb

hey would like a story banner:

title: pointless life

author:isabella swan

quotes: my life was pointless with you

quotes: story idea from roman Cullen hale

summary: alice Cullen is pregnant with her boyfriend when he leaves her. there are vampires after hr who want herin there coven as she has the abilities to see the future. all she wants is to live her life and proect her son

what kind of story is it: drama, romance


alice Cullen

jasper hale

tyler Corrigan-alice's ex

damon Salvatore-vampire after alice


Banners Banners I love Banners!!!

And so I posted a while ago, asking if I could request one, and saw your reply to it. And don't worry, long time or not.

So, I want to put in two orders? 




** Click the pictures to make them bigger **


Title: Meeting Melissa Adams

By: Shauna

Quotes: You all know my best friend Alex's story. Now it's time to hear mine.

Link : So, I don't really have a link to it, It's going to go with my Unwanted Trilogy, so yea.

Summary: We all know Alex's story, but what we don't know is how she met Melissa. We all thought they met at school, which isn't entirely true. Melissa has a backstory of her own, which she had forgotten, until she died, and resurrected.

Melissa originally forgot, because it was to dangerous for her to know they truth, what walks with the humans. But now that she's back from the dead, she remembers.

This is Melissa's story.

She isn't as innocent as you had originally thought.

Which Artist*Optional*: Doesn't matter (:

Extra; This kind of goes along with my Unwanted Trilogy, so the very LAST two pictures are of the second book, Unwanted Friendship, which the banner and chapter header looks like the ones from the first book. So, could you make these look like it somewhat, so it flows?

What kind of story is it; I wanna say that it's going to be something along the lines of kind of scary, but it's not going to be. It's a novella, and I don't know where it's going yet.

Photos or Person's name;

This is Melissa. She is the main focus. Can she be right in the centre?

And then the next few are kind of off to the side, not in, or near the middle.

The characters of the next images, in order are: Raychel, Alex, Carman, Tyson, Marcus.



** Click the pictures to make them bigger **


Title of story; Meeting Melissa Adams

Title of Chapter;*if one*

Size;(Header or Banner) Header

Quote; None Just the Story title

Summary of The Chapter: None, I haven't started writing yet.

Which Artist: Doesn't matter (:

What happens in the chapter; Different things. I haven't started writing yet.




** Click the pictures to make them bigger **


So, like I mentioned above, this goes along with my Unwanted Trilogy. Though this is only a novella. So here are the banner's and headers of Unwanted Love and Unwanted Friendship.

Is there anyway you can make Meeting Melissa Adams banner and header look like these, but different? That way it flows  together, as a whole.

** Click the pictures to make them bigger **




Can the chapter headers be as thin as the others? I don't know the measurements, but thin chapter headers like the two Unwanted's


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