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Everyon has a favorite band right? Well make a banner and help support them! Any band is acceoted no certain genre or anything is required, just make a banner for them and join the competition!


Deadline is August 23rd.


Anyone can enter.


No more then three entries per person.





(I will be posting a link below in the comment box with my banner =) sadly my computer for some reason will not let me upload pictures on a discussion i don't know why, but oh well. Also if anyone likes my banner and would like me to make something for you here is the link to my Graphic Shop:


Scarlett's Graphic Shop =)

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simple banner, great band

OMG! I LOVE ADTR!! and the banner its great =)
i know they're awesome!  and thanks. my favorite songs are if it means a lot to you, you had me at hello, and have faith in me
Those are awsome songs! but my favorites are Im made of wax larry what are you made of, all i want, and downfall of us all
i love im made of wax... and downfall of us all! im not sure ive heard all i want
all i want was off of their newer album. i love the vide! it has people from different bands =D it has pete wentz and the singer from pierce the veil x)
ive never heard of them or pierce the veil lol
lol pete wentz is from fall out boy and pierce the veil is awsome lol you should look the up sometime, wait i think i have pierce the veil on my playlist on my profile actually if you want to listen to em' haha
ok ill check them out =)
yay LoL let me know whatcha think haha maybe we could talk about them then xD haha

pierce the veil isnt that bad actually lol i was xpecting worse lol


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