The Twilight Saga

Thanks so much to Rachelle for this idea!!!

The rules for this one are simple!!!

Just create a graphic featuring a fierce female!

Examples might be Katniss Everdeen, Bella Swan, Clary Fray, River Tam, etc.

Be sure to tell us why you think this character is a fierce female!!!

Remember: it is OKAY to do a character that someone else has already done!

Good luck and have fun!


overall best:

1. Claire - Snow White

2. Rachelle - Faye Chamberlain

3. Juliee tied with Spencer Hastings

and Katherine Pierce

fan favorite:

1. Claire - Clary Fray

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Spencer Hastings

I find her a "fierce female" because she is always striving to be the best and keep herself not only a float but flying over everyone else.  She is crazy competitive and driven about any and everything she does and she is always trying to keep the people around her safe from harm no matter the cost to herself. 

This is GORGEOUS Juliee!

This is so beautiful Juliee!

I agree! Spencer is definitely a fierce female!!!

(Hope I'm not too late with my entry)

Faye Chamberlain

Faye is the epitome of "FIERCE".

Faye is eccentric, brash, irresponsible and a free spirit witch.

She is a really strong female character that knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it.

GORGEOUS Rachel!!!

Snow White from Snow White and the Huntsman!

I think that Snow White is a fierce female because, despite being locked up her whole life, that girl can run! xD

But seriously, she got away from the queen and then took the queen down. :3

Alrighty guys it's that time again!

Please vote in following categories!


overall best:




fan favorite:



overall best:

1. Faye Chamberlain- Rachelle

2. Caroline Forbes - Elena

3. Katherine Pierce - Juliee

fan favorite:

1. Spencer Hastings - Juliee


overall best:

1.Snow White-Claire

2.Spencer Hastings-Juliee

3.Caroline Forbes-Elena

fan favorite:

1.Clary Fray-Claire

overall best:

1.Snow White-Claire


3.Caroline Elena

fan favorite:



1. Snow White- Claire

2. Katherine Pierce- Juliee

3. Faye - Rachel

Fan Favorite

Clary Fray- Claire

Overall best:
1. Snow White-Claire
2. Faye Chamberlain-Rachelle
3. Spencer Hastings-Juliee
Fan Favorite:
1.Clary Fray-Claire


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