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This gif/ blinkie was created by Juliee to display all of the artist who won/entered the Group Icon Comp.

(Incase you wanted to coordinate with one of them or see what we have coming up for the group icon/ photo. =)


Anyone can enter; Admin or artist!


This is the list of graphics you will need to be able to be officially in this compitition:

Opening/ Welcoming Graphic

Current Compititions Header

Messages From Admin Header

Member Of The Month Header

Costumer Of The Month Header

and a Discussion Directory Header


And don't forget:

With the new Guidlines and Site Rules everything MUST be Twilight related, therefore, we need Twilight related graphics!

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well, the icon will probably be changed on saturday... since its been 2 weeks as of then.

Madi.... I think the answer is BOTH!  :) It's the artist's choice. 


And Nikki.... so far the majority opinion is to change the group icon (group pic) monthly and at the same time change the layout. 

Oh okay...

ok i will just post what i have done already... then when im done the resr i will post them




These are great Zanica!
Glitter Graphics -

it will be resized, but yeah...
I'm sure we can take it off with out resizing
Maybe we could cut off the water mark It looks cool though :D
yeah. thanks.

So It'd be kind of like this
Sweet! I did your main graphics order.


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