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Feel free to order graphics here! Just fill out the form below with the general information. Please SUPPLY PICTURES. It takes a lot of work to create a graphic, and it will take a long time to find the pictures. Make sure your pictures are LARGE and of GOOD QUALITY. Also, please be patient, we want to make your graphics the best they can be!



Type of Graphic: (FF Banner, Profile Picture, Ect)



Color Scheme:





1. Please supply pictures if you can. Pictures MUST be appropriate, and of good quality. No copyrighted pictures, either!

2. Please be patient!

3. All orders must be posted as a NEW REPLY!


Thanks everyone!



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Type of Graphic: Story Cover

Text: Dark Divine

Color Scheme: Dark, and eerie.



Gothic Rose Moon Girl

Anna, Interesting pics... if you can't get another artist I'll make a banner for you... however, the photo emphasizing the decoutage is a bit more risque than I use. I almost always cover excessive cleavage. Also, I have seven orders ahead of this, so realistically it will be Wednesday afternoon before I can deliver. Like I said... if you can't get anyone else. Let me know.


Ella... As I informed Anna, my plate is full today, but if you can't get anyone to help you, let me know.


Anna and Ella, Artists from The Banner Group seem to prefer to take requests in their shops and may not be checking this discussion. Perhaps yous guys should drop a note saying you've submitted an order to the individual artists who have established themselves here.


Also some atrists (myself included) prefer to find our own pics.

Sweet! Thanks 'G'
Hey there are no restrictions on how many people can make banners right? I mean everyone who wants to make a go should, right? This isn't one of those places that limits artists and squelches (SB likes that word) creative energy out of the members. :D

Yep, anyone can make the banners if they so choose to! :)

Though, I encourage people to use the "pick up" discussion when finishing an order so that it can help keep this discussion "uncluttered". :D

More then one person can get this and please do I would love to see what everyone can do :D

Story Banner

Tittle;Cinderella's Twin 

By; Juliee Bean and Sophia Rosa Anne Amore 

Quote; If I wanted To Be a Princess I would Just Kill You...

Extra;In the Tittle I need the word Twin to be dark a little Evil

((If you've seen this banner on my shop discussion My friend started the story but now I'm Co writing it with her so we need a knew banner....))

Photos; For the photo's; You don't have to use all the girls, *For the Selena photos Group one is Cinderella Group two is the twin so I need one photo from each group. If you want to use every photo thats cool but i don't want it super filled i gave all the photo's so you had a lot of choices 


Group One Cinderella


Group Two The twin

If You want to see what I did click here , but it not the best :D

Here, I personally think yours is better.
i Like It :D

Type of Graphic: (FF Banner, Profile Picture, Ect); Role Play Banner


Sub-Text: Created By: TheOnlyException111<3

Sub-Sub Text: "Ahh! Love!"

Color Scheme:Romatic colors, bright.

Extra:Put hearts and stuff.

Pictures: Seth and Paul (Human) Seth and Paul (Wolves)


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