The Twilight Saga

I simply had to make this discussion. You can chat with all your friends here, but you cannot use any words. Only GIFs. This is not a competition, but it is a game. We will see how long we can keep this up without adding our own captions. As far as this goes, it will get nuttier and nuttier.

 You don't have to say you will be joining, I'll add you as your comments come up. No winners, just confused laughter. BUT, if you use words, you are out, but can still post gifs. The good thing about using words is, we get to start a new conversation.

 Well, the two people who don't use words for longest don't  really win, they just get to steal any gif they want from the discussion.

 Then, every 2 months, we will completely start over into a new chat. I will be keeping track of all the chats.



1. No PM/ TTS Messaging ANYONE in the game

2. No commenting on people's profiles ABOUT the game, unless you are telling them to join.

3. Only message me about your questions, NOTHING about what the heck your GIFS mean.

4. Your GIFS can have words on them, but you can only use 5 with words on them.

5. When you are out, you are still a part of the 2 monthly chat, you just can not win

6. No repeats!

That's it!


Players in The Game:

1. Nikki

2. Andra

3. Kara

4. Claire

5. Bleeding Eyes

6. Juliee

7. Zanica

8. Kelsey


People Who are Out:

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