The Twilight Saga

Welcome,This is Gif Chat 2. Since we are re-doing things I missed this so much! You Have No Idea. ! Getting Down To business.
I am going to try and explain this the best I can. This a GAME, Not a contest. You will chat with Gifs. If want to know what those are then PM me. Instead every 2 months. It will be a new subject every 2 week. I really hope this will keep it going.
To join simply post your face claim.
But Do not join at the end of the week. Just wait for the next topic.

The Rules

1. No PM/ TTS Messaging ANYONE in the game

2. Only message me about your questions, NOTHING about what the heck your GIFS mean.

3. Your GIFS can have words on them

4. When you are out. You are out until the next week.

Players In


Players Out


Subject Of The Week:
Mythical Creatures 

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