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W E L C O M E: How are you all? Welcome to the endgame more sophisticated part of Graphics. In this class we will learn the more artistic part of the Graphics. We will learn to make the most with the least. Enjoy because this class will have you doing things with graphics that you didn't know would actually work. Since this is the Experienced Class, we are going to be a bit more personalized with the classes.  I want to know how much you guys know, and how much you want to work with. So tell me~ haha



This is the all about you guys section. Make sure to tell me allyourdarksecrets everything you want me to know about your/your graphic skills. So here are a few questions I want about you~


[Le Gif of your FFace Claim for the Term]
Favorite Show:
Favorite Movie:
Celebrity Crush:
Shop Link: [If Any]
Personal Title:
Face Claim for Term:


Name: Hunter [Your Mentor XD]

Program: GIMP & Photoshop Elements 9
Favorite Show: Dream High & Dream High 2
Favorite Movie: Summer Wars or anything Hiayo Miyaskai
Celebrity Crush: Bang YongGuk
Shop Link: Jacky.Ripper.Co
Personal Title: The Female Demon King
Face Claim for Term: Kim Himchan


Name: Niya
Program: GIMP
Favorite Show: You're Beautiful, TVD, Dream High, PPL, Boys Over Flowers
Favorite Movie: The Vow, Snow White & Huntsman, Magic Mike, Deathly Shadows
Celebrity Crush: Alex Pettyfer, Kim Hyun Joon, Booboo Stewart, Channing Tatum..etc.
Shop Link: [If Any] Not yet
Personal Title: HeartStealer
Face Claim for Term: Ariana Grande 


Name: Nikki
Favorite Show:Gossip Girl, The Glee Project, The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time, Merlin, Big Bang Theory, America's Got Talent, and American Idol.
Favorite Movie: THG, Snow White and The Huntsman, Shrek, and anything Tim Burton or Disney.
Celebrity Crush: Paul Wesley and Michael Weisman from TGP
Shop Link: [Nikki's Banner and Graphics Depot]
Personal Title:nikki (of TTS)
Face Claim for Term:Lily Collins


Name: Claire
Program: GIMP
Favorite Show: Glee, The Glee Project, Degrassi, Once Upon A Time, Sailor Moon, Gossip Girl
Favorite Movie: Titanic, Howl's Moving Castle, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, It's Kind Of A Funny Story, Girl, Interrupted.
Celebrity Crush: Darren Criss
Shop Link: Claire Bear's Banners

Personal Title: Claire Bear?
Face Claim for Term: Audrey Hepburn


Name: Mieke
Program: GIMP
Favorite Show: Castle, Criminal Minds, Dance programs, The Mentalist, House, Bones
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing, Sissi, Grease, HP, Twisaga, Johnny Depp movies (espescially with Tim Burton), Billy Elliot, Footloose, ... (way to many)
Celebrity Crush: Paul Wesley, Johnny Depp, Robert, Jackson R, Cesar Casier (model), ...
Shop Link: Mieke's Workshop
Personal Title: Mieke
Face Claim for Term: Keira Knightly

Name: Rachel
Program: GIMP
Favorite Show: Glee, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, 90210, Hart of Dixie, Teen Wolf...
Favorite Movie: A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, The Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, 27 Dresses, Life As We Know It, Hangover 1&2, I Am Number Four...
Celebrity Crush: Taylor Lautner, Alex Pettyfer, Paul Wesley, Jamie Campbell Bower, Boo Boo Stewart, Kellan Lutz, Jensen Ackles...
Shop Link: Rachel's Banners and more
Personal Title: Rachel
Face Claim for Term: Taylor Momsen


Name: Juliee
Favorite Show:Vampire diaries, 18 to life, raising hope, ghost lab, ghost whisper, Physic, monk,
Wizards of Waverly place, Say yes to the dress, and Law and order (SVU).
Favorite Movie:Sky high, Valentines day, Spider man (any of them), Harry potter (OTP),
Father of the bride, Monte carlo, and Rugrats the movie.
Celebrity Crush: Steven R. McQueen
Shop Link:Enchanted Spice
Personal Title:JulieeBean sweet as a jellybean <3
Face Claim for Term:Selena Gomez :)


Name: Zanica
Program: Gimp
Favorite Show: Vampire Diaries, Supernatural
Favorite Movie: Anything with Chris Brown in it
Celebrity Crush: Chris Brown
Shop Link: [If Any] i'm too lazy to look for it
Personal Title: ZZ or just Z



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Name: Juliee
Favorite Show:Vampire diaries, 18 to life, raising hope, ghost lab, ghost whisper, Physic, monk,

Wizards of Waverly place, Say yes to the dress, and Law and order (SVU). 
Favorite Movie:Sky high, Valentines day, Spider man (any of them), Harry potter (OTP),

Father of the bride, Monte carlo, and Rugrats the movie. 
Celebrity Crush: Steven R. McQueen
Shop Link:Enchanted Spice
Personal Title:JulieeBean sweet as a jellybean <3
Face Claim for Term:Selena Gomez :)


Alright Everyone Since I have No Idea Who's Signed Up for this Class [besides you wonderful people that have told me so by filling out information]and since Term is supposed be starting today... haha~ I have decided to give you all a simple assignment. The First GRAPHIC lesson will be out tomorrow. But today I very simply want to ask one thing: What do you hope to achieve from this class?

[Please Reply In Paragraph Format ^^ ~]

Uhm... I hope to achieve at improving my graphics while learning new ways to go about finishing it. I want to know more than one way how to complete a graphic instead of going with the same thing over and over. I wish to learn everything that I can hope to learn. Also when I finished here I want to be able to say "I was inspired!" ^_^

My overall goal is to learn something NEW and FRESH! Haha, sorry for caps. I want to be able to say I've learned a new and easy technique that is not necessarily easy, but it makes my graphics look AWESOME.

I want to learn new ways to do graphics. I always have loved to see how others create graphics. What techniques are used, how they go with placement, colors,... What I hope is to end with a new vision on graphics that I can apply on my own work :)

Hmm. Well, I hope to learn what ever you can teach me. Really kind of what everyone else is saying. xD I really want to learn new things. I want to be able to do new things. Like, I feel like my work always looks the same.. I'd like to be able to do something different. 

As what to everyone previously said, I just want to learn and do something new and fresh to add to how I make graphics so that it will surpass my usual technique to how I make graphics and whatever else you will be teaching!

~ Thanks for the Info Everyone A+, A+, haha ~


Alright Let's Begin. I have decided to break up the GMPG Expericed class into two sections. 'Tutorials' and 'Lessons'. Tutorials is where you will learn new ways to do things, and lessons will be things where you will learn to apply the things you already know or have learned to 'new' and 'old' situations.

Welcome to the Experienced Class. Lesson One: Demasking.

Haha No We aren't dealing with masks today. On the contrary. Why do you use a mask? The only time I use a mask is when I want o put more than two images into a graphic. But what I've notice that happens. (Quite often really) is that when anyone places more than two images in a graphic, it seems to become crowded, and much less eye appealing than if one were to use just one or two images. The lesson is called 'Demasking' because I only want you to use one main image. To uncrowd the mask or graphic The rest of the artistic value of the graphic must come from somewhere else. The texture, the font, etc. Now here's the twist. It cannot just be any image. See that questionnaire I had you fill out the first show on there. Yep. Tell me the ending (or how far it is) with a single image, text, and texture. While still making it artistic and eye appealing. Enjoy.

[Really Bad. But Quick *cause i totally forgot* Example for Lesson 1]

These two really did belong together, Hye Mi just knew that Sam Dong needed her more than Guk did. So she went with Sam Dong. Which really irritated me. The two were perfect for each other, the way the actors discripted their pats was amazing also, not only did the characters have chemistry, but you could see the way Taec would look at Suzy was not just acting. I was really disappointed at the end when they weren't together.

ok i know this is like 2 months late but here is mine.

Vampire Diaries is my one of my favorite shows. I'm not quite up to date with it but with the help of netflix and xfinity on demad I will get there. I am at the part where Elena kisses Damon while staying at a hotel with Jeremy. Damon is head over hills with Elena, and she is realizing her feeling for him. I hear rumors of Elena being a vampire in season four... is that true?



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