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Introduction:So This way of teaching is a lttle new to me i'm used to covering all the basics to the advanced stuff i teach so bare with i'll only teach what you want to know and what you consider intermediate stuff. All Lessons Will Be Posted As Replies and Links To The Specific Reply Will Be Posted Here. Now I Post My Lessons With Links To a Photo Album Which Shows You Step By Step Details About How To Do Something, But If This Doesn't Work For You Let Me Know I Will Go Back Over Lessons And Find Another Way To Explain It To You Don't Ever Be Scared To Say You Don't Get It Guys That Defeats The Purpose Of Me Teaching You. If You Need Help I Will Be Sure To Slow Down And Work With You Till You Understand.

Important Dates
Term Begins July 18. 2012

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All Student Banners Lead to Gallery or Shop of Student :D

Program you currently use: GIMP
Favorite Things
Favorite TV Shows: Glee, The Glee Project, Sailor Moon, Once Upon A Time, Gossip Girl.
Hobbies: GIMP-ing, photography, drawing, ceramics, I also like to sing/ dabble on my piano but I'm terribly awful at that. xD
Favorite Actor/Actress: Darren Criss, Lea Michele, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Lily Collins, Helena Bonham Carter, Audrey Hepburn, Winona Ryder
Celebrity Crush: (if any): Darren Criss
Favorite Candy/Ice cream flavors: Reeses/Butter Pecan
Favorite Holiday: Hmm. Halloween or Christmas.

Program you currently use: GIMP 

Favorite Things: Music, candy, GIMP, Tumblr, art, Wattpad (writing) and books 

Favorite TV Shows: Degrassi, Criminal Minds, The L.A Complex, Say Yes to the Dress and Four Weddings

Hobbies: Dancing terribly, singing, drawing, Tumbling? (Is that a word?) I also love to write - stories and music

Favorite Actor/Actress: Channing Tatum and Will Smith

Celebrity Crush: (if any): Josh Ramsay and Darla Taylor

Favorite Candy/Ice cream flavors: Gummy bears <3 For ice cream I'd say strawberry, french vanilla, vanilla, chocolate and mint chocolate.

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Program you currently use: GIMP
Favorite Things: Anything Chocolately especially Oreos, Muffins, Music, Books, Comedies, Movies, Random Dancing, Granola Bars...
Favorite TV Shows: Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Supernatural, Hart of Dixie Teen Wolf, The Secret Circle......
Hobbies: Reading, Writing Stories, Graphic making, Singing...
Favorite Actor/Actress: Taylor Lautner, Alex Pettyfer, Victoria Justice, Bradley Cooper, Johnny Depp, Kellan Lutz, Lucy Hale...
Celebrity Crush: (if any):Taylor Lautner, Alex Pettyfer, Zayn Malik, Nathan Sykes, Hugh Jackman, Boo Boo Stewart...
Favorite Candy/Ice cream flavors: Chocolate, Cookies and Cream and Pistacho ice cream flavours
Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Program you currently use: GIMP
Favorite Things: Wattpad, Writing, Dancing, Designing, Laughing ^_^
Favorite TV Shows: TVD, PPL, Jane by Design, Awkward, You're Beautiful
Hobbies: Being Me, Acting, Hanging with friends
Favorite Actor/Actress: Ariana Grande, Kim Hyun Joon, Candice Accola, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Celebrity Crush: Channing Tatum, Booboo Stewart, Alex Pettyfer, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kellan Lutz
Favorite Candy/Ice cream flavors: White hershey/Vanilla& Chocolate
Favorite Holiday: Christmas & Independence Day

Program you currently use: GIMP
Favorite Things: Music, Writing, GIMP, Tumblr
Favorite TV Shows: Big Bang Theory, Bones, anythign on ID
Hobbies: Music, my life revolves around it<3
Favorite Actor/Actress: none
Celebrity Crush: (if any): Kellin Quinn, Andy Biersack, Ben Bruce
Favorite Candy/Ice cream flavors: Sour Patch Kids, Mint Chocolate Chip
Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Program you currently use:GIMP
Favorite Things:music, writing and art <3
Favorite TV Shows:The Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds and Impractical jokers
Hobbies:does writing and drawing count?
Favorite Actor/Actress:i dont have one:/
Celebrity Crush: (if any):<3 Jeremy McKinnon <3 Chris Kamrada <3 Neil Westfall <3
Favorite Candy/Ice cream flavors:candy is 3 musketeers (its soft and fluffy):) and ice cream is birthday bash
Favorite Holiday:christmas<3

Program you currently use:GIMP
Favorite Things:Music, Ducks :p, Reading, GIMPing, Drawing,
Favorite TV Shows:The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Hollywood Heights, The Secret Circle
HobbiesMaking Banners, Singing, Dancing, Acting weird (which is me all the time :p)
Favorite Actor/Actress:Nina Dobrev, Ariana Grande, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Selena Gomez
Celebrity Crush: (if any):Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
Favorite Candy/Ice cream flavors:Vanilla, Salt Water Taffy, Crunch Bars, Jolly Ranchers, Chocolate
Favorite Holiday:Christmas

Program you currently use: GIMP
Favorite Things: Music, Writing, Tumblr
Favorite TV Shows: TGP, Glee, Angel, Buffy, Charmed, Gossip Girl, TVD
Hobbies: Skit Writing, Drama, Photography
Favorite Actor/Actress: Helena Bonham Carter, Marilyn Monroe, Alex Pettyfer, Sarah Michele Gellar, Jensen Ackles
Celebrity Crush: (if any): Paul Wesley <3, Michael Weisman from TGP, and then I still have a thing for Alex Pettyfer
Favorite Candy/Ice cream flavors: Strawberry, Mystery Flavor, Rocky Road, Cookies and Cream, Blue Raspberry.
Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Program you currently use:GIMP 2.8
Favorite Things: Reading,Making New Friends, and TTS
Favorite TV Shows:Glee,Glee Project,One Tree Hill,BH 90210,Jersey Shore,Teen Wolf,Teen Mom& More.
Hobbies:GIF Searching,watching TV,Angry Birds
Favorite Actor/Actress:Sophia Bush.
Celebrity Crush: (if any):Luke Perry,Vinny(JS),Justin Bieber, and Vin Disel
Favorite Candy/Ice cream flavors: Snickers/French Vanilla
Favorite Holiday:Christmas


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Replies to This Discussion

I really though i already replied to this...i guess not hehehe must have done it in my mind :) 

Well i love this nikki you did a great job on it the birds are really col and i love the quotes and i absoultly adore the camrea photo! ;D Great job girlie! 

Haha, never a problem.

Thanks so much Juliee ; )

Your welcome :) 

i dont really like mine that much, but oh well. sorry mine's been a little delayed lately:/ i couldnt figure out how to add a border how you said to, so i did it a different way but its not..'in' the banner i guess it just outlines it. does that make sense?




This is really good court :) I love the effect you used with the brushes and photos my only suggestion would be maybe use a red bored so it matches the photos a little better :D 

alright, thanks=) It was a dark blue border but I lowered the opacity on it and it turned out like that and i was all like:

Objective:In This lesson you will see new ways to make Pop outs Other Then The Basic Way. 

Lesson Album:If you need step by step visual [Lesson Two]

Basic Outline/ Description:So I know you all know to how to make a pop out banner with transparent backgrounds and most of you may always know how to do what i'm about to show you but i want you to try out this lesson anyways. So in this lesson I will show you how to do a pop out with "Peaces" circles and such. I also want you to use gradients for this, if you have no idea what those are let me know, and I can't wait to see what you come up with.


Okay guys first things first I know most of you already know how to make a pop-out but if you don't i find that this is the simplest way to do it. Next I want you to make a new layer [Transparent] in your Layer box. 

Now go to the Square Tool in your tool box and drag it across your banner until you get the side you want.

Then take your paint bucket and fill it with a base color, i like to use black for this.

Now duplicate the layer and use your Gradient tool to fill the second layer. Now choose a layer mode for your gradient or simply make it a little see-through so you can see the photo your about to add.

Now Open a photo you want and add it to the banner but it in-between the black and gradient layer and adjust it how you want now got to SELECT>INVERT and hit [Delete] on your keyboard. Now Hit [Ctrl] [A] on your key bored or go to SELECT> NONE to get ride of the picnic Ants going around the Rectangle.

Cutting It Up [Pop-Out]

You should have something along the lines of this Now i'm going to add a bored to my Rectangle, its the same process as adding a bored to your Text which i'm sure you all just learned from Claire this week but if you didn't and you have no idea what i'm talking about let me know.

Now Merge all the layers of the Rectangle, make sure you leave the background alone. Now to add more You simple add more layers and start the process over if you want a circle use the circle tool next to the square one the process will be the same i promise.

Cutting It Up [Pop-Out]

At the end you should end up with something along these lines or close to it. Arrange your "Peaces" however you want and add some text to your banner Save as a PNG and your done!

Cutting It Up [Pop-Out]

Great Job Courtney:) 

What font is that? It looks really great with the photos! :D 

What Gradient did you use? the Purples?

thanks juliee!^_^ the font is called levibrush and it's from thats where i get all my fonts:) and I used the gradient I made for a previous lesson, called purple to blue. its pretty self explanatory which colors i used with a name like that lol:) i couldnt think of any better name:3

Wow so beautiful I love that font you used Nikki! 

Is that a pile of books in the square? 

awesome Job!



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