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Heya Guys!

I'm slowly seeing more activity from old members, so I figured now is a good time to post the mentoring discussion.

Now, this term, like last term, sign-ups are completely private, only you and I will see your form (mwahahaha)

There are 5 mentor slots, one open for each class.

Once 5 people have applied to be mentors, I will close this discussion, signalling the end of sign-ups.

Now, mentor hiring is a combination of two things; first come/first serve & out of a hat. The first come first serve part applies to the fact that the first 5 people to apply to mentorship will be the 5 people I will place in slots.

Then, on the form below, you will see it says "first class choice" and "second class choice". If two people have the same first class choice, I will have each of you choose a number between 1-10, and I will go on so that no favoritism can occur.

The person who is closest to the number gets the class.

The 'loser' will more than likely get their second choice.

Though I try to put EVERYONE where they want to be, that isn't always possible. I may have to give you 'the last class available', instead of your first or second choice because of the first come first serve circumstances.

However, if you are uncomfortable teaching a class I give you (for example: if you planned on teaching beginners and ended up with advanced) PLEASE, do not hesitate to let me know, and I'll work things out with the other mentor applicants.

Hopefully there won't be any ties this extreme, but it's good for everyone to be on the same page of 'what could happen'.

Okay. So signing up (the fun part ^.^).

You have five classes to choose from. They are listed below:

Banner Effects: From gradients, to brushes, to stock selection, to blending... any little tips to make banners pop is in this class.

*note: cannot include effects involving text, and don't focus too much on photo editing, since these are separate classes and we're trying to avoid repeated lessons. this wasn't a problem last term but... i have to make sure, XD


Text Effects: Any little perks you can add to text like gradients and patterns, fonts and spacing can be taught here!

Photo Editing: Colorization, Desaturation, Hue-Saturation, Gradation... no blending involved. Just the simple stock image. Good class for designers of ALL levels.

Beginning Techniques: For teaching people unfamiliar with the GIMP program how to do simple things like blend, use brushes, download brushes, editing gifs, really simple step-by-step techniques to get a new artist started.

Advanced Techniques: A little more free than the other classes, because everyone here knows the program almost as well as the back of their hand. Every week you will give your pupils little challenges to test their skills, with a few lessons here and there that prove a bit of a challenge to the old pros.

Okay, so, requirements... I think that a guideline is that the mentor must have at least 6 months of experience with GIMP (i think that's fair), and be an active member of GMPG.

So, here's the little form!

Your Name:

GIMP Experience (how many months/years):

Rate Yourself? (beginner/intermediate/advanced... don't worry, you won't sound full of yourself if you tell the truth ^-^):

First Class Choice:

Second Class Choice:

Average Activity (how often you're on TTS):

Why You Should Mentor: (optional, but good to know)

Okay, so when your class is OFFICIALLY assigned to you, I will send you a conformation letter.

If there are any ties or problems, I will reply to your form's message.

Please send all forms via private message to me with the subject "GMPG5 [INSERT YOUR NAME IN ALL CAPS]".


This isn't to be mean, sorry if it sounds that way.

You can, however, ask any questions on this discussion, and I may post updates on this discussion.

Deadline for signing up is 6.10.13.



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We need someone to teach advanced!


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