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Hello and Welcome!

GMPG is an awesome sub-group the fantastic Zanica created.

All pupils with me are: The Cool Kats, Pixie Couture, and Ignite the Light.

If this list is incorrect please let me know and it will be changed.


I hope you can find all links easily, I tried to sort it out the best way possible.

Any questions or concerns can be posted here, or if they are more personal, feel free to PM

(Private Message) me on TTS.



Best Hopes and Wishes,





I've gotten good with GIFS now, if you wanna learn,

GIFS will be one of our last lessons =D



Tutorial #1- Editing a photo: Click Here

(NOTE: Picnik has changed a bit since I made the tutorial, so in step 2, you should be in Edit, not create)

Tutorial #2- Your First Nikki Style Graphic: Click Here


Tutorial #3- Using Texture: Click Here


Tutorial #4- Zombify!: Click Here


Tutorial #5-Pop Out: Click Here


Tutorial #6- Rendering: Click Here


Tutorial #7-  Nikki Style Graphic: To The Next Level: Click Here


Tutorial #8- Fuzzy Brush in GIMP: Click Here


Tutorial #9- Making Textures in GIMP: Click Here


Commonly Used Sites

Picnik: Click Here

Pizap: Click Here

GIMP: (This is optional, we will not be using it as much as the other sites, most options are also on Picnik, however, stuff such as pop-outs, and GIFs, are not, I will only have like 5 GIMP Tutorials, so you can chose whether or not to download it.) Click Here


**I may message you a lot with updates, so don't be afraid to answer back!**


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That's okay, and it looks wonderful
No problem, by the way, is there anything specific you wanna know, because I'm in the mood for making a tutorial.
Um if your ok with making a tutorial on how to make those kind of pics on gimp

Hmm, I'll try... I'm still learning so it'd be a pretty bad tutorial...

I can do a vampirization tutorial if you want. As I learn I will teach you.

I can show you how to make people look like a vampire.But I dont know how to take pics of the screen
Oh, there is a site for that. I found a way on picnik, and I know how to do the eyes on GIMP now, so, I'm a bit rusty on GIMP.
Do you want me to show you?
No no, its okay, I'll  get it ;)
Ok do you want me to vampirize a pic for you
What pic


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