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Hello Everyone!

This is the main discussion for term five.

Any links you need will be posted here, such as your classes and sign ups.

I hope that everyone enjoys the term.

It begins on July the 1st and ends on August 17th.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding GMPG, please message me, I will do my best to reply as soon as possible.

I also have some reminders here.

If there is an asterisk (*) by it, that means it needs to be completed by the necessary people as soon as possible. I tried to put deadlines next to each so you know what is happening when, but EACH EVENT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

*MENTORS: please send me a rough lesson plan that I can give to a substitute as soon as possible.

Due date is 6.30.13.

*PUPILS: please get sign up forms in before June 28th. That is the latest date that they will be accepted.

Due Date is 6.28.13

ALL: first day of classes! 7.1.13

MENTORS: please post the link to your class as a reply to this discussion asap so I can get it up here so it is easy to get to.

Due Date is 7.1.13, no later than 7.4.13.

if I do not see your discussion posted by the 5th (you don't even have to reply, it just makes my life easier :3), I will give your class to a substitute. sorry, but it is unfair to your pupils. if you will be on a vacation, please at least post the discussion, even if it has nothing in it.

MENTORS: first bi-weekly report is next week, starting from

7/12 - 7/14.

more events to be added.


( if not underlined, not posted yet

if crossed out, discussion is closed. )

gmpg term 5 preview

mentor sign ups

pupil sign ups

mentor reveal

bi-weekly reports discussion

banner effects class discussion

beginners class discussion

photo editing class discussion

text effects class discussion

gmpg finals discussion

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Let me know if I have this wrong guys!

I'm just keeping a list of everyone involved in GMPG so that I can send you guys messages to annoy you :3

Just kidding!

But I will send you updates on the group via PM so be prepared!










Sofia N.

me :-)

Events and Links Updated!


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