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Hi everyone! I think one thing about TGBT that is a favorite of all our members is GMPG. For those of you who are new, GMPG stands for Graphic Mentors/Pupils Guild. It was invented by our beloved admin Zanica. She had to stop hosting because she had family events. But last term I took her place, and that's sort of the long story short history of GMPG.

Anyway, this term is sort of a "summer school" for graphics. It doesn't matter if you've never heard of GIMP in your life, or if you've been graphic designing since before the dinosaurs,

anyone can be a GMPG pupil. ANYONE!

Anyway, this is just a basic outline of my ideas for the term, anything you see is subject to change, so if you don't understand something, tell me and either I'll explain , or change it if I don't even think it makes sense.


Similar to last term, each mentor will be responsible for teaching one subject. If you were a mentor last year, YOU CANNOT TEACH THE SAME SUBJECT YOU TAUGHT LAST TERM. This is just so that everyone has an opportunity to do everything they like. You weren't a mentor last term? That's cool! We'd still love for you to teach!

The subjects this term are SLIGHTLY different from last term. They are as follows: Banner Effects, Text Effects, Photo Editing, Beginning Techniques, and lastly Advanced Techniques.

This doesn't necessarily mean there will only be four mentors. Of course, if only four sign up, that will be the case, but if more than four sign up, it is a first come, first serve thing, but if one mentor is absent for more than 2 days (vacations, sicknesses and family emergencies DO happen), the mentors on the waiting list (who didn't get a class) can take over and give a lesson, sort of like a substitute.

Which leads to my next thing, if you are a mentor, (I know Claire, Juliee and I do this anyway), try to leave a list on your discussion of the lessons you have planned, or at least a general idea for what you want to teach, this way if a substitute takes over, they know what you want your pupils to learn.

I know this substitute thing is new, so feel free to ask questions.


So things are pretty much the same for pupils. The only thing is, this term I'd like for EVERYBODY to participate in the finals. Last year we had very little participation in finals, so I'd like for there to be a lot more voters and entries.

You still won't know who your mentors are until two days before the term (for the epic-ness of surprise).

And know that mentors are chosen in a random 'out of a hat' fashion.

As for when the term begins, I want to start sign ups on or around June 8th, and then from there, we'll start the actual term towards the end of June.

Okay, so shoot me with any other questions.

I know this is confusing, haha, but hopefully you get the gist of it. ^.^

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Yeah I would love to join im defintely a pupil but this would be nice to learn graphics.

Yay! So glad to hear ^-^


Its Back!

I loved it last term!

I think the substitute idea is genius,Nikki! 


Why thank you, nice to see you again Sara!!

Ooooh I can't wait!

The substitute idea is great! 

When can we start messaging you about our classes and such?

I'd say after June 9th or 10th, this way pupil sign ups start around the 20th of June and everyone is out of school.

Can't wait!!

Last term was fantastic, I learned a lot!

Agh, perhaps you can mentor this year Rachel! I love your work, and I'd love to learn from you ^-^

I'd love to!! :)

Ohh I would love to take Rachels class! You are awesome Designer Girlie :D

YES! It feels good to be back! I can't wait for the next term XD


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