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Welcome to the finale of a fabulous term.

I am proud to be the host of such a great term.

Everyone participated, and it was just wonderful overall.

So, we are going to be doing something similar to what we did last term.

We'll have the pupils post some of their before and afters, (you can get help from your mentors.)

Then, every person who has mentored this term will give their opinion on how well the pupil did, and rate THEIR IMPROVEMENT (not necessarily how good their work is) on a scale of 1-10, 10 being best.

There aren't "winners" this term.

Pupils can also feel free to comment on work, you just can't rate it.

Thanks Everyone, again it was a pleasure hosting.

However, I won't be hosting or mentoring next term, because with Drama Club, and the fact that I'm in honors classes this year, I won't have that kind of time.

Sara will be hosting term five.

Also, Welcome back GMPG's creator Zanica, who I give permission to rate work as a mentor, though she didn't mentor this year, she IS the creator XP.

Okay, so if there are any questions, please ask.


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so excited!

Is there a form that we can fill out to post with our work or should we just all start posting our befores and afters?

You can just post the befores/afters. If you want to add a little blurb that's okay too.

And it's okay for us to just start posting them here now or?

Yeah, of course =)

Okie dokie! Thanks girly!



I had so much fun this term :D 

Can't Wait for the next one!



Hunter gave me so many new challenges that I haven't faced before.

I learned that "experienced" doesn't always mean "difficult", but rather you develop your own style.

Thanks Hunter!



I've always had a problem with the text in my graphics.

I don't have that issue any more since I learnt to do so many different things with text with Claire!

My favourite is adding gaussian blur to bordered text! I didn't even know about gaussian blur!

Thanks for teaching me so much about text this term Claire!! :)



Hunter was a wonderful mentor!

Being a pupil this term was such a learning experience!


Juliee's intermediate class was amazing. Had a lot of fun!





*Credit goes to Eva for that picture of the girl running with the blue dress*


This term was fabulous and Nikki was great! I enjoyed her as my mentor! She did a great job!


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